Birthday list coming together!

I love making lists and birthdays and making birthday lists! Mine is coming together quite nicely full of big and little ticket items! I am thinking that one never gets too old to make a birthday list. : )

*These are in random order!

1. An Epson Printer so that I may print quality at home! I am thinking this is the key to getting many more projects done and keeping my photos organized! If I can print as I go and avoid the bulk and pricey print spurts I seem to do quarterly at

2. This CD or Itunes GC to buy it!
I still of course want some
3. Happy Tape and

4. a Flip Video camera from this post.

Ok well that's all I've got so far but they are really good ones!

How's your week going? Has that holiday shimmer worn off due to a stupid boss or co-worker? Maybe that is why the walls of cubicles are padded so that you can bang your head on them when totally frustrated! Haha I am totally (half) kidding. Oh how I DON'T miss that padded little prison. I just yelled upstairs at Cliff, "Who's the boss of you?" And from his office he said "NO ONE, mmmm huh- that's right!" We're off to be our own boss and go on a couple Clifftech meetings! Think SALES! Think freedom from the cubicle everlasting!

Hope your day is full of optimism!

Thank you thank you for your support!