Ellen is back on! YAY Let the laughter begin! Cliff came home from work today and I was hysterically laughing watching Ellen and he said "op it must be that time again." LOL I am so predictable. I am totally excited that she is the new American Idol Judge! That is going to be oh so much fun to watch!

I have added Ellen to my list of celebs that I'd be friends with. Kayla really wants to meet Oprah but I said that meeting Oprah would most likely be a one time thing but meeting Ellen... well she'd invite you over! Yes, I know I sound like a crazy person and but all my celeb friends that have been to her house agree with me and don't think I am crazy at all.

And now you are asking, well who does she know that is famous? I'll never tell that is the cool part about being my friend! I know what you're saying, this girl is a giver! Aaaand you would be right, I'm a giver! And I'm funny. I'm the whole package people! Tee hee.

Hope that you laughed good and hard today!

p.s. I can't even believe it is September 11 th and it's been so long. I can still remember where I was that day as I am sure you do too. Remember to pause tonight and think of all those people, the families and the babies that were born who are now old enough to start to get it. I wish them love. I wish them laughter, a life full of laughter and true joy.