Happiness is...

FINALLY finding the perfect fabric to cover the chair in our living room!

Ta da!

I've been talking about this living room makeover since before yellow was cool again so I am beside myself that I've finally found the perfect fabrics! I've called my mamma 3 x to give measurements and decide on yardage. Yeah- so if they would have told me that math could make me house pretty I might have paid closer attention! HA!

I got all the fabric from here. In case you need to do some perusing yourself! :) Peruse, such a great word.

Aaaand the promise of my mamma booking a ticket to teach me how to use the damn Singer Simple! is putting me over the happiness edge right now! Commence dancing in the living room!

Who knew fabric would ever make me so happy! HA! I betcha Mema and Mom are pretty proud right now!

Have a super great find kind of day!