Oh Hello World Meet Clifftech!

It was a great day today!

We met lots of people from all over the country and the world! My favorite today were the Brazilians. Cliff did a demo and strapped me to the board and they flipped me over where I was facing the floor, stood me up, laid me down, turned me on my side all to demo that the straps hold the patient firmly to the board. It was so much fun. We drew a big crowd and everyone was taking pictures. Not quite how I thought I'd become famous but hey it's a start. LOL

This is what we see from our booth looking out. The place is huge. We are on row 23 and there are 28 rows in a huge convention center. I think there are about 20 booths per row. It's massive!

Kayla was right in her comment by the way... booth 2323 is lucky! It's our wedding date (Feb 3rd). It's one of those things that just sort of happens in our life. Anytime we get room 23 something at a hotel or an event like this we know we are in for a treat and it's never let us down yet!

We have two more days of standing all day and smiling but what could be better than talking to people and sharing a little kindness!? It's a good life.