I love making water filled with fruit! This one was introduced to me by a gf and it's been a new fave this week! Our usual suspects are simple lemon water or cucumber water. An old never let ya down spa fave is lemon, cucumber, orange and rosemary!

Have you heard of flat belly water? I don't know if my belly feels any flatter but it's so refreshing and will be added to the water menu in our house. Plus I just love buying ginger I feel so fancy.

You'll need:

A beautiful pitcher that makes you happy
strainer (optional)

I'm not one to use recipes to the letter. I use them more as a template to give me an idea of what flavors to pair together and then I just go with what feels good. I think it's a way to exercise the rebellion in me... the recipe says a whole onion I use half. It says a half a tomato and I use a whole. Ha take that recipe!

But just in case you are a recipe to the letter kind of person I laid it all out for you so you can see how many slices/ pieces I used of each item. For the ginger I used a grater and added about a 1/2 teaspoon of grated ginger into the water. Feel free to use more if you love the taste! I was aiming for more of a cucumber/ lemon water with a hint of mint and a suggestion of ginger.

Add it all to your pitcher, give it a little swirl with a spoon and put in the fridge. You may choose to pour through a strainer before serving if you don't want little bits of ginger and mint in your glass.

Enjoy and may your belly feel flatter as an added bonus!

Have a great Father's Day weekend!