Wish list wishin

It's that time of year and despite the economic poopyness (official word) I'm still making a list because it's fun and we all need more of that!

I'd love to have some Happy Tape! I've seen so many fabulous things with it and I've been dreaming up mini books, wrapped gifts and to do lists taped all over the house with pieces of happy tape!

I wanna get this for Cliff. We are always chopping something around here and I love that it's indexed to keep the food separate.

A custom journal from Elise. I love personalized stuff but also Elise is just wonderful and I'd love to support her business. Her post on Saturday Thankful made me love her even more.

And drum roll please... oh how i want a flip video camcorder! Every time the commercial comes on I yell out loud "I WANT THAT!" and Cliff just giggles at me. Can you imagine all the funny stuff would could make with that!
Yeap that's a good start on a wish list! Whatcha wishin for?