Inspiration at the source

We all have those go to places that are wells of inspiration. Lately, I've been listening to this feeling in my belly that something big is about to happen. Do you get that? It's that unrest and almost anxiety that sets up camp. I don't feel sick or stressed out just super aware that my intuition dial is really turned up and I just know change is coming, the good kind. So when those moments hit I spend a little extra time writing in my journal, doodling and seeking inspiration in the places where it always delivers.

Here are some of my fave places to visit.

On the web...

My friend Lizzy has an album on her Facebook page called Treasures from the Interweb and I always find an image there that makes me smile and gets my creative juices flowing.

This one is my latest fave!

I visit my crafty friends blogs to see what they've been making. Rachel and Leigh Ann are getting ready to do an online sewing class called Home Ec. It's got my Singer Simple itching to sew!

Design Sponge Before and Afters.
Jessica McDougall's latest outfit.
Kelly Rae's latest words. And that they went to scrap off the wallpaper and decided to keep it! LOVE THAT!

In real life...
of course the beach

a scooter ride

and carrying my camera with me.

Yesterday we visited a friend who just had surgery and I left my camera at home thinking it was the best choice. I mean c'mon no one wants their picture taken fresh out of surgery. Turns out I missed a photo op of a rat jumping into Cliff's pocket and getting all cozy. Yeap. A RAT. It was super cute (and a pet) but a rat none the less. Luckily Em caught it with her iPhone.

And of course a good hair cut and blow out is always inspiring!

When you need a creative jolt where do you go on line and in real life?
I get to hang out with my sis tonight! YAY!
Have a wonderful day!