Leaving the nest and finding inspiration.

I wouldn't call myself a bird lover per say but something about this seems a little magical if you ask me. By the way how fun it is to say "per say!" Is that even how you spell that? I donno but it's fun anyway.

I set out to do a blog post about my little brother leaving the nest and heading off to college in Hawaii (we raised him right-- we are all beach lovers)! In the process though I was blog surfing looking for a bird photo and ended up on an entirely different path.

I stumbled upon this posting and then followed the trail to find all these amazing women. I found this:

and then this. Her words are so real and so true and honest.

These look like women I'd like to know. And it has me left wanting to paint on my chest. What would you release from your heart? What would your word(s) be?