Lizzy you are so lovely!

I saw that the lovely Lizzy is having a sale and thought now would be the perfect time to tell you all about her! I believe so deeply in supporting small businesses and women who inspire me and this lady is spectacular!

When I first met Lizzy I was in the midst of a profoundly scary time in my life. We were in Boston for the first attempt at tracheal resection (the one that didn't go). Cliff and I made the trek from Beacon Hill in Boston to Belmont in the snow. We felt very Boston taking the train to the bus and then walking through snowy streets to find our way to Marmalade. Marmalade is a painfully cute boutique and home for Curly Girl.

dec 2007
Sheesh that was a long time ago!

Lizzy was there doing a trunk show for her business Pieces of a Girl. She was effervescent, warm and loving from moment one. Our interaction was short but meaningful, all quality. There's no surface hoo-ha crap when you are talking with Lizzy. I've adored her ever since and when I started to explore the creation of Lacylike Designs Lizzy was right there to answer questions and give support to a gal craving taking the leap from corporate America to small business! It's been 2 years since Lacylike took her first breathe and she's continuing to blossom!

Lizzy is a fellow gal living her bliss in the world doing what she loves and that's something I can get on board with every single time! She is a massive source of inspiration and takes THE most beautiful photos! Make sure to read her 365 story, it's so beautiful and makes my nose feel all tingly like I am about to cry when I read it.

When we met that December I came home with a sparrow necklace and it whispered strength to me without end that next year. I still feel a special recognition of my own strength when I wear it.

This is the one that wants to be my new favorite! So so pretty don't you think!
So if you are feeling like you need a celebration of your beauty or a piece to whisper reminders of your strength indulge in a little delight from Pieces of a Girl.
The sale is a week only so don't dilly dally.

Happy Wednesday!