Oh come on in! NYC Part 2 of 3

Welcome to the glorious Curly Girl booth!
Please do come in and take a load off!
The LOUIE nominated cards and below it a cut out Cape and Tiara girl! We took Polaroids of people as her complete with sparkling tiara!

I met so many great people at this event, among my favorites were Kelly Rae Roberts (top right) and Mati Rose McDonough (not pictured). They are both SO lovely, the absolute real deal in authenticity, warmth and love. I found them both completely delightful and I'm sort of in awe of their friendship. Such a pleasure to meet you Kelly Rae and Mati! Hoping our paths cross again very soon.

It's definitely in the details... jars of strip and polka dot pencils.

My card smiling at me each morning reminding me of how I got here and how very cool it is to live in the flow of my life. Though the moments that this card was mending have passed it still represents my being completely honest about the stage in my life that I'm standing in and always, always singing along!

Beautiful Molly on the day we all agreed she looked very Italian.

Perfect peonies filling the booth with their beautiful scent and necklaces thoughtfully made through an artisan project with Pick Up Sticks and Red House Ranch.

New Curly Girl Flair that's too fun not to have at least three. They make me want to go back to my button collecting days. Oh the days of collections... my favorites were my button collection, teddy bear collection and my pencil collection. Remember those pencil machines where you could put in a quarter or two and get out a cool pencil!?

Our trade show neighbors were awesome! Bold Face Type is new in the stationary world and these girls are going places! The genius of their cards is in their witty writing that makes you read them out loud and then laugh out loud! Michele and Lindsay it was great sharing a wall with you two, talking life, queso and Blue Bell ice cream! You are welcome in my home any day!

Here's to new friends, tiny spaces that can be made into a bright little oasis and the WEEKEND! TGIF friends!