Pin Cushion Swap!

I was so excited because it was going to be my first event to use the sewing machine that my love gave me for my birthday back in January. BUT... we can't seem to thread the damn thing. Yeap, 2 college grads can't thread a sewing machine aptly named the Singer Simple.

This photo was not staged... it really has been that frustrating. We can't seem to get the bottom bobbin to catch so I am packing up my little machine and heading down to the local sewing shop to hopefully find some little old lady with plenty of patience. It's especially at times like these that I wish mom and Mema were right down the road and could come rescue us.

As soon as me and my little sewing machine are understanding each other I want to start shipping things this way! Such a great idea!

So I decided to go completely against the grain and hand stitch a teensy weensy little pin cushion! I was going for a strawberry like ladies used to make with scraps in the old days but in the colors that would make my trade partner Kristin smile.

made the most beautiful cushion and needle book! I love it so much I've left it next to my computer and I've been pinning little notes on it! Thank you so much Kristin for creating for me! :) Lacy