Sights and Sounds

Oh well hello December! I didn't see you come in!

We went to a Sound Immersion recently. It's amazing. You lay on the floor in savasana while Anagan plays the gong for half an hour, then the crystal bowls and then a Native American flute. The vibrations fill your body from head to toe. Can you say relaxation!

I have the best partner! Cliff is always up for my next nutty idea. Imagine going to your love and saying 'will you come and lay on the floor with me and meditate while some guy makes sounds?' And when appropriate (like in this case) I end with 'And I promise it sounds like something that you wouldn't want to do but you'll love it and be glad you went!' I've got a feeling I'm loved. : ) We both loved the experience.

I don't know her but she looked so comfy.

The Curly Girl Newletter arrived in my in box today! Delight!

The Eco Bags are so cute and oh how I need to re up my Curly Girl Card stash. I swear she always has something perfect! It's like she took the words right outta my heart.

The newsletter featured a little eye candy that was too cute not to post.

source links in the newsletter : )

This ain't your grandma's gingerbread house!
Sheesh that's hugemongous and I'd love to taste it. You think they'd let me lick the roof?

Have a super sweet day!