Tattoo Tour

I met Matt at the yoga intensive in February at Esalen. I felt like I'd met him before because his beautiful tattoos were hauntingly familiar. I looked at them for days before asking him to give me a tour of them. I knew there had to be a story and indeed there was...

Tattoo Tour from Lacy Ann on Vimeo.

And if I may get a little serious for a moment. Being near Matt taught me that age is just a number. When I first looked at him I'm guilty of seeing his outer appearance... an old guy with cool tattoos. The moment we actually spoke I no longer saw gray hair but his true and amazing self which if I had to put an age on it would be more like 32. I actually don't know Matt's age and it doesn't matter, I'm just so grateful that being near him taught me in a very real way not to judge a book by it's cover. I learned so much that week, I was ready and open and willing to receive and it changed me in the most complicatedly amazing ways. So Matt, thank you for being you and sharing your tattoo tour with me!

Matt and Irina (who I also meet at Esalen, the most amazing dancer and so passionate, just a truly beautiful person) do a blend of dance and yoga in Seattle! If you're ever up there check them out!

Ohhh and Kelli at The Zinnia Path posted about her vaca with her love and listening to The Magnetic Zeros! I LOVE! I can't wait to download a few of their tunes and add it to our road trip music! I can already feel the wind in my hair and the sun on my face! Thanks Kelli!

The weather is seriously grand today! I've already taught a yoga private, made the most delish and life giving spinach omelet and now I'm here with you en route to do a little school work from my Integrative Nutrition course. Life is good. Life is very good!

May your day be seriously grand too!

With love and sunshine and spinach on St. Patty's Day!

p.s. Aunt Mary I am so excited to hear about your China trip!