The love!

Thank you so much to everyone who has commented so far on the giveaway! Comments are open for a week so you've got plenty of time to get your name in the drawing if you haven't yet. If you left a comment on the curly girl fan page and my blog I am entering your name twice :)

I love reading how Curly Girl has touched your heart, is sprinkled around your homes and offices and I totally love how we all feel that they were made just for us!

Today I am at for her series titled Inspiring Minds Want to Know. I came away from the interview feeling so happy to stand in my own feet.

Talking about the journey to get where I am today brought back all those feelings of starting my first business, Lacylike Designs, building the website and making albums for so many. Taking the leap gave me courage to do the next thing that was pushing me towards living the life I wanted and here I am today doing health coaching and feeling amazing.

Part of my ritual when I get ready for a health coaching call is to meditate and make tea. On Tuesday this week before my first call this was what my tea was saying and I couldn't agree more! Oh yogi tea, you are so cool!

Have a wonderful day everyone!