The Ultimate Compliment!

Remember this blog post from when Kayla came to visit and we took her to the beach!? Well the coolest thing happened from that post. My friend Molly pulled something I said from it and made it her status update on Facebook. I was beyond flattered that she'd plucked my words and held them with such care. It was THE perfect event that day.

Later I got an email from Molly that she was going to have to put the quote in her house somewhere and a little light bulb went off inside. I had just been on Elise's fabulous blog admiring her word posters and I thought that's perfect--- a word poster for Molly! So I emailed Elise the skinny on what I wanted to do and she was kind enough to give me a quickie tutorial and off I went to create my very own word poster with my very own words for my very sweet friend.

I'm so happy with how it came out. Creating something to surprise someone it so fulfilling.

Now my little quote has taken up temporary residence in that little box on FB where you can put whatever you want. Is this the coolest story ever or what!

Have a wonderful day today! Perhaps today is the perfect day to send some good old fashioned snail mail to someone unsuspecting! Go on...use your words for love!