Welcome to Breathe

Today the Breathe Los Gatos website goes live on the solstice
and I am so very proud to announce it to you!
I spend most of my time lately as the project manager working to get the studio open.  Everything from paint chips to hiring staff, you name it-- I'm organizing it.  My coming to work at this studio has been years in the making.  It feels that big... it feels like everything has lead up to this, it feels like home.  Bold statements I know.  
It starts with Jennifer.  I have this thing with Jennifer's in my life.  I'm surrounded by really good ones.  There's the Jennifer who taught me what not to wear and how to best take care of my skin (the only person I will let touch my brows).  I love the way she loves her family, the way she's so beautifully in her own skin, her class, her style, her talent, her nature.  
The Jennifer who was my health coach and the reason that I became a health coach and who I co-lead our Women, Food and ... discussion group.  I love the way she listens, the way she goes for the things she wants, the way she speaks honestly when I ask the really tough questions, that she's a do-er.  
And now Jennifer who owns Breathe.  We 1st met when she came into Soula to take a class.  I was the perky girl at the front desk who greeted her and she was noticeably taken back by my chipper welcome.  We are both intense but in completely different ways.  Little did I know we'd be working so closely and causing each other to spit with laughter years later.  I'm in awe of what Jennifer can and has created.  She's a force, she knows it.  I love her sense of humor, her drive, her seemingly endless supply of can do and the fact that she can always drop in, connect and be completely present.  She inspires me immensely. 

So, oh so soon when Breathe opens its doors on January 1 (actually I will probably be the one to open that door) you can find me there happily puttering around the studio, checking in students, making tea, welcoming new friends and old ones and serving as the studio manager.  Of course I will also be working in the Well Being center at Breathe doing health coaching and selling fun little things in the store.  See!  It's home base for sure!

So welcome to Breathe!  I hope you will love every little detail because believe me, every detail has been considered! 

p.s. as soon as we've got the last bit of construction dust kicked off I'll post gobs of delicious photos!
p.p.s and if you read one thing on the site.  Please read the Story of Breathe .  Rob, Melissa and Jennifer's story is beyond amazing.  I've never heard of a better reason for a yoga studio, ever.