Welcome to Michi!

Meet Mr. Shin.

Earlier this week Cliff, Amanda and I had the most amazing dinner at Michi.
I told Mr. Shin that I don't like seafood (yes, in a sushi place I said this out loud-- sad face) Mr. Shin put his culinary genius to work and made me my very own roll.  BTW anything covered in tempura batter, mango, avocado and jalapeno is always a good idea.
Which I was invited to name... we settled on Fook Fish Eat Me :)
You'd totally order that wouldn't you!

We sampled sparking Sake and cold Sake. 

Amanda and Cliff tried Japanese French Fries, little fried fishes. 

We closed the place down... and then

 after like 12 courses we had two rounds of dessert.  
I have never been so full.
Every course was so thoughtful, so beautiful and so delicious!

The chopsticks speak truth... With Michi... Life is Always Beautiful!

Thank you Mr. Shin, that was a feast and a night to remember!