Whatcha wishing for?

Today I am wishing for a job interview for a position that seems like it was made for me.


Today I am wishing my bestie Rachel the most magical 30th birthday! I wish I was there to sing and dance all around you! Maybe I'd just spend the whole day singing and dancing, do you think they'd let you take me to work with you? LOL

For your 30th year I wish you abundant health and and overflowing of opportunity to create paintings and things that make you feel full up with love. In your 30th year I wish you 1 million great Nick kisses and and effortless flow of money to allow you to pay every bill and still have money left over for fun trips to Target and Starbucks, getaway weekends with your love and of course to save a little too. I wish you quality time with your mamma over tea and 365 good nights sleeps (360 at very least). In your 30th year I wish you every happiness.

All my love dear friend, all of it!