Gratitudes + 2 new smoothie recipes!


Some of my fave images from this week... Chloe +  mom waving at me at the Tough Mudder. Cliff getting all psyched up for the 12 mile obstacle course ahead (also at the Tough Mudder). Me + American Beauty Berries found on a nature walk. + of course Ned! Cut the neck out of some old t's and we had the best time playing last night before bed. Sitting in my office with Ned on my lap feeling super grateful for...

- The love of strangers turned friends over 10 days of shared experience in the Sweet Surrender sugar detox. The next one will be Dec 1. It's not to be missed. - A partner who makes me laugh. - pearly whites, nourishment, hydration, warm bones + couch time - Allowing the best compliment about my beautiful perspective on life to wash over me from my first health coach + longtime friend! And then noticing so many comments on my perspective... feels like permission to stay weird (in the best possible way)! - Hashtags. Seriously! My friend, Kelly Rae sent me the most awesome text yesterday that was pretty much all hashtags.  BEST LAUGHTER of the week so far! - My amazing friend (and Campaign Manager for Campaign For Confidence) Anne who holds space for me everyday. She's leading a cleanse next month. - An entire week without wearing a bra... embracing my inner hippy. - Smoothies! The easiest and most supportive way to start my day. So happy to share two new recipes with you! The first one Cliff created and delivered to me in my office with his handwritten recipe. #husbandoftheyear


Berry Refreshing

*Gluten-free *Dairy-free *Vegan

Ingredients 2 cups almond milk 1 frozen banana 1 1/2 cups frozen strawberries 1/2 cup frozen blueberries 2 tbsp cacao nibs 2 tbsp chia 1/2 tsp maca (optional) 1/4 tsp vanilla extract

Directions Blend everything until smooth + serve!

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Coco Peach Greenie

*Gluten-free *Dairy-free *Vegan

Ingredients A blender full of spinach (loosely placed, not packed) Water from 1 coconut 7 frozen peach slices 1 frozen banana 1 Tbsp coconut butter (invest in a jar, it's amazing stuff) 1 Tbsp chia seeds 2 tsp vanilla extract Coconut shavings (for garnish)


Blend spinach + water from 1 coconut until smooth. Then, add the rest of the ingredients and blend until smooth again, pour into 2 glasses, top with coconut shavings and BOOM! It's a party for your taste buds and an antioxidant feast for your belly!

xo, Lacy

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  • Veg Pledge is the next food challenge! Join me for five days filled with whole food goodness beginning Monday, November 4th - Friday, November 8th!  I'm crazy excited about it! Loads of recipes, a shopping list + the support of a loving community just like this one! Expand your current menu + give your body some veggie lovin! $27 Read more here. Register here.
  • Group Coaching! Join the next group coaching session to Thrive Through the Holidays beginning Nov. 11th + going into the new year. More info here. Register here. As a bonus, you'll receive 1 free spot in the next session of Sweet Surrender to gift to anyone you'd like! It's all about spreading the love!

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  • Sweet Surrender 10-day Sugar Detox will run again Dec 1 - 10th! The next group will get loads of support + balance in place in perfect timing before the Christmas/ New Year holidays! Info + registration here.