Kale Me Crazy! This is delicious!

kale-pineapple-avocado smoothie

Indulging in summer pineapple a lot around here lately! Make sure the pineapple is nice and sweet or your smoothie will be bitter. If you're pineapple isn't quite ready try adding in 3 pitted dates or 2 tbsp of honey!

Kale, Pineapple + Avocado Smoothie

*Gluten-free *Dairy-free *Vegan

Ingredients 2 cups coconut water 2 cups frozen pineapple 2 cups kale (take out center stalk) 1 avocado 2 tbsp chia seeds


Blend coconut water + kale til smoothie. Add avo + pineapple and blend again! Enjoy!

xo, Lacy