A note of thanks.

Thank you all so much for the sweet notes and thoughts about Cliff's dad.  He's lived a long and full life at 88 years old but it's still overwhelming to see the transition in progress.  No matter how prepared you say you are the reality of life and death (especially at this time of year) feels extra tough.  The strokes took most his right side and most of his speech but he still lights up when he sees Cliff and attempts a crooked smile when I try to make him laugh.  We totally get each others sense of humor.   

Cliff and his mom have started reminiscing and telling funny family stories from when Cliff and his older brother were little.  They are laughing and joking and remembering happy times but I can't help but cry because I see it all unfolding before me.

I took a photo of Cliff's dad while there (I keep calling him Cliff's dad b/c his name is Cliff too and I don't want it to get too confusing).  Cliffs mom was mortified that I'd take a photo of someone in the hospital but of course it didn't stop me.  I find the moment beautiful.    

Cliff is handling all of this with such strength and grace.  Once again a difficult situation is bringing us closer together and I'm seeing all the things I fell in love with shine through.  He is calm, capable and moves with purpose.  He's the guy who makes you feel safe by just being there.  He is thoughtful and considerate.  He patiently works to communicate in a way that his mother can understand.  He's losing his father and he keeps checking in on me to see how I'm doing with all of this.

So thank you.  Thank you all for your love and support.  I know it gets harder from here but I'm grateful to have a place to speak truth and receive love.