Afternoon edition

Gud afternoon all!

Lots to talk about! Giveaways, birthdays, interviews and shoulder pads?

One of my fave blog girls is giving away a flip video! Go leave a comment and if you win you can give it to me. Just kidding, check it out she's super cute and what a tremendously generous giveaway!

Today is Brian's birthday! Happy Happy Happy birthday to you brother-in-law!!!! Last year was a banner year for Brian! He got into the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas and is working on his masters! I hope that you get A's on all your tests this week! Love you!

I just got home from my 3rd and final interview from the front runner company I am looking at working for. I am hoping to get an offer and you will know the happy news as soon as I do! This week I am looking at a few other job prospects and projects and trying to make a decision on other interviews and positions. Isn't it cool that you get to make a decision too! They interview you, you interview them and at the end of the day hopefully you find a good match. I am hoping it all comes together next week with a nice little bow on top. I have to tell you that job searching is kind of a drag (like you didn't already know that). Sure you get to meet a lot of new people but man oh man is it a process! It's kind of a big deal deciding who you will spend your days with you know! Ok I am cracking myself up now and will have to share...

I was pre-interview sitting in a little side conference room waiting to be seen and I realize that the suit jacket I am wearing has shoulder pads. Not devastating 80's shoulder pads but a little squish sure enough. So of course the moment when I am supposed to be prepping, getting all zen and ready to sing my own praises and worthiness to rock at this job I am now wondering if it is ok to have shoulder pads? Will they notice that I have puffed up shoulders? Is it subtle? Why didn't I ever realize this before? Are shoulder pads back? How do I feel about them? I am pretty sure it's probably a no no. OMG I need fashion help. LOL And then I drifted back into the land of my notes and resume and decided I'd figure out the shoulder pads thing later.

Seems from a quick search they might be back! Oh the horror! Oh but wait I have just the jacket for that! LOL

Enjoy your afternoon!