Celebrate, Reconnect, Grow


Saturday marked 2 YEARS I've been blogging!
744 posts!
Now I'll drink to that!

Cliff captured this when we were wine tasting this past weekend in Cambria. I loved how I felt this whole day and just looking at the pictures makes me so happy. I don't know it if was getting out of the house and out of town to have a little reconnect & reset or just finally allowing myself to spend a little money on some fun.
Whatever it was the whole day was perfect and totally worth it.

Some more picts from the weekend.

Wild Peas growing at the beach!
Ummm... so Kayla (my little sis) is a world class can pee anywhere kind of girl. I didn't get that gene BUT sometimes when you've been on hwy 1 for over 2 hours with the ocean crashing outside and no hopes of seeing a proper potty for a few more hours a girl does what a girl has to do. This is Cliff finding me completely funny and offering the only napkin to be found in the car. The whole thing was pretty hysterical and if I would have had any cell service at all I would have called Kayla to announce the success!
She would have been really proud!


My dad is the oldest of 4 boys. All his brothers had kids and on Sunday we met up with my cousins, Rusty. I haven't seen him in Y E A R S and it was so good to catch up and hear about his world! He's been serving in the Air Force for 8 years now and in his nearly 26 years of life he's done a lot of living. He's been to Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Korea, Kuwait, Scotland, Ireland, and a handful of states in the US.

Rusty, it was so wonderful to see you! Dad still says "he's a good kid" but I will have to remind him you are quite grown up now ;) Wishing you love and a life full of happy times with your pups! Hopefully we will go a few less years between visits from now on!
xxoo Lacy

We went to Hearst Castle!
I love this picture and our big cheesy grins.

This place is amazing! If you are ever near Cambria/ San Simeon, California it's worth the drive and the $24 to see!
You can barely see it but that's what Hearst Castle looks like from the road.

The indoor pool is stunning! Everything you see that's golden is actually 24K gold!


Thank you for being a part of the journey!
The last two years of my life have been profound and so so good and they've been documented right here.

Thank you again for being a part of my story!

So much love!

p.s. I told you it would be a big delicious blog post!