Fish Tales!

My cousin was just featured in East Magazine (page 11) for catching a state record fish! Woo hoo Derrick that is awesome!

Speaking of fish tales.... ah-hem please allow me to step up onto my soap box for a moment... I've been thinking about what a terribly disappointing word KIT can be. For me when I hear it I think of a super duper scrapbooking kit filled with lots of papers and fun embellishments or perhaps a make up kit filled with fun brushes and lots of color... think about it... there are dopp kits (yay travel sized goodness), press kits (yay free goodies), kit kats (I can remember a time or two or three or more eating those) and then that brings us to the welcome kit.

The other day my idea of the word kit was totally ruined by the bank (of course) when they handed me our "welcome kit." I'm thinking yay a kit filled with fun free stuff or neat offers or something with color but nope- no such luck just a bunch of black and white papers with words on policies and a bunch of crap that it not kit worthy at all. Ever since all I notice is the word KIT on infomercials and places where getting a kit would be no fun at all. Keep your welcome kits my life has enough paperwork.

And now I shall step down and get to my day! I am working on a custom lacylike journal today. yay!

This is a travel journal I made last year for my friend who spent a
month in Europe with her mamma. What a great mom and daughter trip, huh!

And one more thing... people are always asking me how I find the fun links that I share here. My answer is always that I was blog surfing and ended up there... I just went to Rachel's blog and that lead me to this blog! Rachel's blog is so much fun and I love to see what's going on with her... we met in Missouri and it was if we were meant to be friends. She is capitol LOVELY. The next blog is a stranger but wow e wow wow what beautiful photos! I love to look at other people's photos and get inspired! It was just the dose I need to get to work on my journal! So thank you Rachel and thank you DosFamily! You are all inspirational fun!