Fulfill: Our Vexing Living Room

In the year of Fulfill on my list of tasks was to pull together our vexing living room! Until now it's been a brown/ tan blank canvas room in waiting and I haven't been sure what direction to take it in. We have really big furniture (I love big furniture and little cars, ha) so there's only a few ways the room can be arranged.

First step was adding some color with accessories and a blue background wall.

Next was on the list was to help my fabulous fabric finds grow up to dress the space! Under the guidance of my mamma we had one mega craft weekend!

covered a chair (mmkay this is a she, my mom did all the work on this one and it's flawless! It was her first chair to cover and you'd never know! The woman can do anything)!
made 7 pillows
painted a wall
painted picture frames
made camera straps from the Michelle Allen tutorial

Drum roll please!

What was once a tired old chair is now the center piece of chic in our living room! It makes me SO HAPPY! Isn't it FUN! Thank you thank you MOM!

This fabric was so worth the wait!
This is how the chair looks now with a little roll pillow in her lap.

Isn't the back stunning!

The underside of the chair revealed one of it's early (if not the 1st) fabrics!

For the couch and the chair we covered all the pillows that came with them.
It made a HUGE difference!


AFTER (with my team of designers) :)

It has all been Ned approved, of course.

Mom at work. Sangria on the ready next to her ;)
To make your own Sangria use: Cabernet, Grand Mariner (a shot and a half), OJ (til it turns burgundy) and Lime (just a squeeze)! OHHHHH It is yummy goodness!

The new wall being painted. You can see the old yellow and taupe and the new yellow going up. Cliff wanted something cheery but once on the wall it was a little too much. Sooo 2 years later we've replaced it with a really easy on the eyes buttery yellow and it makes me so happy! The hallway will still have that cheery sunshine feel but now it says, 'pssst I'm so delightful and you are too' instead of 'HEY I'M YELLOW AND HAPPY OKAY!'

Wall done and art going up! I painted four frames a blue that I had from the free Glidden paint a while back. I will fill them at some point (and probably add a few more) but for now even the empty frames are making me happy. That wall has needed something on it for so long! The center picture reads "come it sit back relax and make yourself wonderful" it's the color inspiration for this space.


Just in case we couldn't get my sewing machine to work mom brought her fave vintage machine aptly named Fancy. Isn't she beautiful!

Aaaand with the last few hours we had before taking mom to the airport we made camera straps from Michelle My Belle's tutorial. They are sooo cute, thanks Michelle!

Look at what we did in a weekend, give us a week and I betcha we could save the world!
Have a wonderful week!