Happy Birthday Mema!

Today is my Mema's birthday!

I can't help but think about when she came to stay with us in 2008 right after my big surgery. Being near Mema makes everything better and those weeks together did make it all better.

I keep thinking of morning tea at the bar on our computers (look at my poor puffy neck and fat face, my goodness it's great to be "better!")

Snip, snip, sniping the edges of the quilt that mom made for me. Two years later that thing still leaves little pieces all over and I couldn't love it more.

Endless notes on the magna doodle and low whispers (I wasn't supposed to be talking).

Painting Cliff's toe nails for Walk A Mile In Her Shoes (put on every year by the YWCA)
Driving around in my mini cooper :)

Endless hours spent painting, cleaning, packing and moving us into our 1st home.

And at precisely this time two years ago celebrating Mema's birthday with love gifts and a flight to Monterey for lunch.

Happy Happy Birthday Mema. Thank you for always being there for us! Your love has contributed HUGELY to who I am today. I love you to the ends of the earth and back again. May this next year be full of love, laughter and as little stress and worry as humanly possible!