Happy Birthday Mom!

She's 50!
She's a 5 decade delight!

Oh Happy Day Mom!
I can't wait for you to open your gifts tonight! Do you feel fabulous? I hope so because you are!

Here's a little blog love for you!


Here are 50 things we love about our mamma!

1. The way she giggles makes it impossible not to laugh. It's one of my favorite sounds.

2. She can make anything with your hands. Anything! I will never forget how excited she was the year she got a ban saw for Christmas.

3. She tells the best stories about growing up and how her brother and sister pushed her up in a tree (she is so afraid of heights) and made her cry. Ok it doesn't sound funny but if you could hear mom tell the story and then Aunt Sue tell it too it gets really funny. (mom is the one in the wagon, Aunt Sue is pulling her)

4. She's a giver. She's one of the most selfless people I know. She'll do anything for us and always has. She's worked so hard to put all of us through school while only taking a class or two at a time to get herself through school.

5. She took lots of pictures of us when we were little and I love them so! When we were little she'd print her own black and white photos and they are still some of my favorites.

6. She eats pie with a teeny tiny fork to make it last longer.

7. She's so beautiful. (mom and Kayla)

8. She loves good music like Bob Seger and the Eagles.

9. We used to all dance while cleaning house to said good music!

10. Even with two little ones she still made time to sew hundreds of costumes for high school drill team.

11. She loves to rearrange the house like at least once a month!

12. She's actually the best student we know.

13. And it helps that she's totally brilliant.

14. When I was in middle school we went for a beach vacation. I fainted and busted my chin and she carried long lankey nearly full grown me back to our camp ground so that we could get the car and go to the hospital.

15. She still wears tie dye.

16. She has a degree in electronics and if anyone still had a VCR she could fix it like nobody's business!

17. She knows the value of being sun drenched, water logged and covered in sand! She took us to the beach all the time when we were little and we fell in love with it. I will always remember her rinsing us off with gallon jugs of water before getting back into the van to head home.

18. She loves being a mom and we can all tell.

19. Dr. Pepper. Her love of Dr. Pepper. She's a Pepper!

20. She watches what she calls "her shows." And those shows are One Tree Hill, Veronica Mars, etc. And I betcha she's giggling right now reading this.

21. The Man From Snowy River.

22. Vision Quest! OMG Vision Quest!

23. She loves bubble baths and has the smoothest skin ever.

24. White Zinfandel from a box. Tee hee.

25. She sent me a birthday in a box when I had just moved to California and my whole world was falling apart and it helped. (the scrubs were on account of massage school at the time)

26. She loves Paris and we do too. She used to sing to us in French (even though it was just that one song we still thought it was fancy).

27. How we always all end up in the kitchen together.

28. Her chocolate cream pie!

29. Boston the first attempt.

30. And the second.

31. She finally got to have her Volkswagen Bug and it was good til it was a lemon.
Oh Bother!

32. OMG OH Bother how could I forget! Winnie the Pooh, her love of all things Winnie the Pooh! Classic Pooh is best of course.

33. The way she looks at us.

34. How excited she will be to finally get a grand child.

35. That she's already picked out what the grand kiddos will call her... Grammy. And I think how cute that she'll be Grammy Giggles!

36. She's literally quite strong but also one of the strongest women we know.

37. She loves Lady Bugs and sitting outside.

38. She was willing to look like a total drug dealer when Cody broke his jaw and had to have it wired shut. She carried around a syringe and crushed up pills in tin foil and mixed it for him every time he needed it. I'm sorry Cody but this picture totally makes me laugh.

39. She can make any space feel warm, cozy and homey by using just what she's got.

40. Because after we took this we decided it would be fun to try and balance them on our heads and they crashed to the ground and broke and we all laughed so hard.

41. She loves children so much and is so patient with them. She finds every little thing small people do delightful and worthy of an Ahhhhh and a giggle (see #1)!

42. Natural child birth x 4!

43. Quilts. Fabulous handmade warm lovely quilts! I just pulled my t-shirt quilt from HS out to add a layer to our bed now that it's getting cold.

44. Theme Party? Bring it!

45. Schlitterbahn.

46. Being around her just makes you feel good.

47. Hawaii and our $20 Pina Coladas at the pool.

48. She and Clairee have an understanding.

49. She yells for one of us and ends up calling out everyone else's name before she gets to yours! "Kallie, Ka-, Kayla, Cody.... arg!"

50. And because
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Happiest of days to you Mom! You are amazing and we love you so much!