HPU Sea Warriors

We've yet to fully understand what a sea warrior is but by the looks of things it could be a shark which seems warrior-esque to me.

Day 1-
We survived, barely. It was a day full of travel, buses, shuttles, traffic, up the mountain to the dorms, down the mountain to the downtown campus, wheel that suitcase over here- no no I meant over there. It was one of those days. Too little water and food and plenty of stress is always a recipe for a meltdown or three. Luckily we all took turns. Now that's family!

Did you go away to college? Do you remember your first day? The endless questions and lack of information around every turn. College is change in the raw. It's gritty, dirty, the end of the world as we know it (as the song goes).

I am so glad that I am here to see Cody's new world. It is bringing back so many memories of when I went away to school and how I felt that first night in my dorm room. Oh my gosh, so many memories!

The dorm room is "authentic" as far as dorm rooms go.

Cody and his roommate Angel. He speaks Spanish, French and Italian. He is from Spain via Indianapolis !

We missed you big time when we were spending time with his family from Spain. They come in and out of Spanish when they are speaking to each other with such ease that I feel like they almost don't realize they are doing it. It would have made you 'homesick' for Alicante guaranteed. Angel's mom is called Mar and she had very good things to say about Aside (I have no idea how to spell that sorry)! You would have loved it.
Ok this was pretty much one of the best moments of true laughter all day. Cody was unpacking his school supplies courtesy of Mema when Angel pulls out this teeny tiny set of pens and pencils tied together with a rubber band. Cody said -- "Dude, I got you covered my Mema is the bomb. And look we even have a stapler!"

We attended the evening orientation mixer and it wasn't until I saw this sunset over the mountains (this will be Cody's daily view by the way) that I truly felt like I was in Hawaii!

I was sitting looking at this when I called you!
So at the end of day one he's in his dorm, knows how to get to the cafeteria and mail center and has 4 friends! This is collegiate progress people!