Scenes from Monday

By the time you read this we will be in the air headed for Hawaii! Thought I'd leave with you a few scenes from yesterday. We ventured to Santa Cruz to find Cody some hemp clothing. The kid is eco-tastic!

The pier!
We got soo close to the sea lions!
They are SUPER stinky but such cute little faces and so fun to watch.

Sip-o-water : )

Love beach frolicking

and warm sand between your toes!

After a successful hemp clothing find at Eco Goods we had a little lunch and this amazing dessert. It's a chocolate pot with ladyfingers and whipped cream.
Oh so worth it and good for the soul.

Loved this button mannequin

and if only your cube could be your secret land of make believe...seriously! Can you even imagine! What if it was like the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and walking into your cube was like walking into the wardrobe!? What would your secret land be like? Mine would definitely be a cross between Labyrinth and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Must have unicorns and meadows with flowers that you can sip yummy sweet goodness from!

I loved this building against the sky. Silver and blue so pretty.

Must fly away now!
Mom is concerned that I am not anywhere near getting ready so I am off to pack!

Talk to you soon from Hawaii!