Take me to the ZOO!

I love the zoo.  Growing up we spent lots of time at the Houston zoo.  I have memories of picnicking in the park, riding the train over and over and over again and of course the monkies.  I always wanted a monkey. I still do except for the whole poop throwing thing.  

While Aunt Mary was visiting we went to the San Francisco Zoo.  It was my first time to visit that zoo and I loved it!  All the animals there were saved in some way meaning that no animals were removed from the wild to create this zoo.

This little one was born to a different mom but she wasn't taking care of him so he has a new mommy and as you can see she's one tough lady.

spending time

We got to see the Lion and Tiger eat lunch! It was amazing. The lion is just like Ned only way bigger. He was playfully bouncing and scratching the floor waiting and when there was no sign of any meat left he licked the floor to his hearts content.

This lady eagle injured her left wing and lost half of it leaving her unable to fly.  She's now in eagle retirement on her own island in the zoo.

lady of the island

This guy shaved down his horn on his cage.  It will grow back. :)

pink lady
good fellas
wise one
This one is my fave photo from the day. There were peacocks roaming around everywhere.  This guy wasn't completely happy to have my all in his space so I was quite quick about getting the photo. I felt like animal paparazzi all day.
let's call her pearl

 I had so much fun with you Aunt Mary!  
Thanks for taking me to the zoo.