For Thanksgiving some of the family was in Texas and some was here in Calif.  
We were grateful to have mom, Cody and Kallie at our table.

The Table!

I made posters for the family with each person's favorite quote for them to take home. 
Posters inspired by the fabulous Elise.
Kallie is in school at the famous Le Cordon Bleu.  She made some amazing pain au lait and chocolate ganache cakes.  I had the best time watching her work.  She made it all from memory, I am still completely impressed!

making pain au lait

Roasted Brussel Sprouts, so good!

My new apron from Aunt Mary!

Prepping the night before with mom

Ready to begin the big meal!

Cliff made his oh so tasty Potato Leek Soup!

After dinner Cody prepared Kava Tea and explained the significance of coming together and how it's used in some Hawaiian ceremonies.  We sat in a circle and passed the tea filled wooden bowl each taking time to say what we are thankful for.  It was a really sincerely lovely way to end our Thanksgiving dinner.  
This man was among my list of things for which I am most grateful.    

Kallie's amazing chocolate ganache cake with candied pistachios

Laughter, our family does laughter really really well.

Not the best chin flattering picture of us but a great moment.

Thankful for this little love, of course.

Our family pile near the fire place.  I love having Cody behind the camera to capture moments like these. 

I hope this finds you properly recovered from last weeks festivities and back into routines that make you happy BUT holding on to all that love you share with those you are thankful for.