This old house

I just talked to Kayla and Mema!

I am missing them extra today and am totally jealous that they've spent the entire day together going on adventures down memory lane to find the first house that we lived in! I can hardly wait to see the photos! I just dug through all my old photos to see if I have any pictures of when we lived there. I didn't find any of the house itself but I found a few from those days that made me smile.

So you can't really see the house but you can see a sassy little Lacy posing on the front porch. : )

This is the park across the street. We are standing in our front yard... I found lots of photos in the front yard and driveway. I do remember spending a lot of time out there.
Our dad built us this mega cool jungle gym complete with phone for talking with important people like E.T., The Smurfs and anyone else we needed to get in touch with.
I really love that Kayla has one shoe in her hand. I can almost hear Kayla saying "DaaaaaaaDdddddy, my shoe!"

Aunt Mary spent countless hours letting me walk up her legs, flip over and shout "ta da" to my hearts content. She was my first playmate and best friend. I am still amazed at how much patience she must have had to deal with me. I was an awful bossy little thing.

So there you go I successfully found pictures of the grass, parts of the house siding and driveway! Come to think of it I couldn't even draw you a floor plan for that house and I have no idea what the inside looked like but I could tell you where Kayla and I played slip and slide in the front yard and danced our little hearts out in the back yard and those are the memories that matter.

And on another note about memories...

I am super thankful for friends in my life who keep showing up for me. Thank you, friends! No seriously, I'm in major transition right now and meaningful relationships filled with mutual respect, love and encouragement are lifting me right up. It's so cool to be surrounded by beautiful women.

The countdown to my mom's visit is underway! I can hardly wait to have her here in San Jose. It's been since my birthday in January!

I love my family, my life, our memories. I am feeling super sappy and nostalgic now.