Kayla + Kindle = Love

My little sis is here this week for work. Her 29th birthday was June 6 and she received a Kindle. She is hilarious with it! She says it is "The best gift I've ever received, I'm not kidding, I don't know if I've ever loved anything more....Laaaaaaacy stop laughing at me! I have to call my friend to see what I should buy. There are just SOOOOO many books! I looooooove my Kindle!" All this she says as she's dancing around the house kicking and turning in happy circles.

Yeap she's reading and smiling. Smiling and reading. I captured this with my cell phone.

Each morning she sings a different song and starts chatting at us the minute we get up. I've decided it's time to start catching some of the silliness on the Flip video. ;)

Happy Celebration Massage Friday!