Kayla was here last week for work, her last trip to California before she and her husband move to Spain and she made the absolute most of it!  Thursday night she came in late and announced that we should all go on a getaway weekend to Arnold, that her friend has offered his cabin to us again and that she's having Brian fly in from Austin so that it can be a couples weekend!  Well we couldn't possibly say no to that so we all moved around our schedules and hit the road.  
Friday night late... we arrive, settle in and warm up!  
See the snow outside the window!
we sip our morning tea and talk as Cliff prepares a lovely breakfast.
and we discover a happy googly eyed spoon!
Then it's time for snow shoeing!
Brian climbs big hills...
and I run to my love!
we take long arm photos in the snow 
and think that Brian looks like a ski instructor

We find that we are not the only ones taking a stroll in the snow...

we admire the amazing light

and the way the snow blankets...

and ripples...

and crunches under foot.
And then we drive to Bear Valley for lunch. Where we see a bear...

and eat in here... where we swear it is once again the 80's.  
It was super Hot Tub Time Machine at the Lodge!
 Sunday morning is quiet and still and I sneak out early to sit with the trees. 
did I mention the light?

We head into Murphys for lunch and wine tasting and then it's back to San Jose.

I am so grateful we had this time together before Kayla and Brian's big Spanish adventure!
Thanks sis for your loving persistence to make it all happen!  Your spontaneity is inspiring!  I can't wait for our next couples vaca!