Weekend Update

May 5 weekend

We, well mostly I spent this weekend with Kayla and Brian in Austin. Cliff and I set out Friday afternoon and while in the car got the call that his dad passed away in his sleep. We talked about turning around and decided to keep moving forward (sort of life, poetic don't you think!). We arrived in time to go to Kayla's 4D ultrasound of baby girl Floyd. As we sat in the dimly lit room listening to the whooshing little heart beat I couldn't help but feel the full circle moment of life and death. As one leaves, another is growing in her mamma's belly.  It was incredible to see her swimming around in there and to see Kayla and Brian completely in love as they prepare to meet their daughter in 10 weeks or so. Cliff flew out to California to be with his mom on Saturday morning so we had Friday night to introduce him to some amazing Austin food at the East Side Cafe (ummm later that night I dreamt about eating the same meal again, best dream ever)!  We met friends for drinks at the Yellow Jacket Social Club where a baby bird fell out of a tree and Cliff ushered him to safety (he didn't have his flight wings yet, poor fella).  That's also the place where my shirt matched the bathroom doors. ; )  We visited Kallie (my youngest sister) at work at Cake Ball, met Kallie and her gf Emily for Sunday brunch at Mothers and I discovered my new favorite salad with Tamari Cashew dressing! SO FREAGGIN GOOD!  We picked fabric for the nursery (LOVE that dandelion print so much).  We met at sweet old gal called Prada (the dog bottom center) and her little sister Bella and felt the benefits of their mamma's chiropractic gifts (thank you, Abby!)!  And that's just about half of what we accomplished this weekend!  It was jam packed and completely lovely.

Cliff is doing really good. He's working through the stages of grief and feelings associated with losing a parent. He and his mom are reminiscing and remembering his dad and I know that's bringing a lot of laughter and peace.

Talk to you tomorrow for a little piece I'm working on about taste buds and why things that are so bad for you taste so damn good!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Lots of love,


More weekend photos are in the instagram feed on the sidebar :)