Soul Care Coaching

To me there is nothing more gratifying, more sweetly soul-stirring than witnessing transformation. There is this incredible moment when a person finally gets it, when their energy expands and their heart swells and waves of release roll through their body and mind. All at once their energy is washed clean, and freedom becomes more real than all their previous beliefs about feeling stuck or lost or afraid. It is truly miraculous.

We all have the ability to allow the freedom that we so deeply desire into our lives, but sometimes we just need a little help. We get so stuck in seeing things one certain way that we become paralyzed to finding a new way. We lose sight of what we want. We disconnect from ourselves. We forget that there's a bigger force at work in our life that we can use to conjure and create with. 


That's where I come in. Soul Care Coaching is about clearing, soothing and shifting. We dive deeply into your emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being and create space to call in a new reality. The process is truthful, gentle and supportive. It gives you an opportunity to listen to your body, feel your feelings, find balance and realize a powerful sense of control.

One of my favorite clients of all time is named Laura. Laura healed her body of cancer, learned to forgive herself and her parents, and now lives in what she describes as "pervasive peace." The magic of Laura is that she showed up over and over and tried everything I asked of her with the enthusiasm of a child. She allowed herself to be pushed to the edge and willingly surrendered the ego time and again. Story after story fell away and she shifted her perspective so dramatically that her entire life has changed. She did that. She did the hard work. I simply held the space and lovingly guided her in the direction of her vision.

We all have the ability to change our lives. We just have to be willing to do the work. And for those who are willing, transformation is inevitable. 

We are a good fit if:

  • You are ready to make significant progress.
  • You need a little help in seeing things differently.
  • You are a seeker.
  • You are not afraid of change or to change.
  • You are ready to learn how to let go of limiting beliefs.
  • You want to experience undeniable truth.
  • You crave a safe space to rip off bandaids, examine old wounds with a new set of eyes and heal (in many instances in an instant).

Coaching will work well for you if: 

  • You would like to feel empowered and hopeful.
  • You are ready to heal your body of physical and emotional pain.
  • You are feeling called to let go of unhealthy habits or addictive behaviors that are no longer serving you.
  • You want to feel peaceful in your life.
  • You are ready to love your reflection in the mirror.
  • You are looking for change in your career, in your relationships and in your body.
  • You get the sense there has to be “more” to life.
  • You know it’s time to make a change, you just don’t quite know how.

Soul Care Coaching Rates and Packages

spot treatment sessions 

We meet for one hour on the phone to move energy and create shifts.

Spot treatment sessions are great for returning clients who are experiencing a little bump in the road and could use a safe container to work through the energy and unwind knots. 

These single sessions are also appropriate for new clients who want to give coaching a try. Tremendous amounts of progress can be made in just one call, and it's a great way for us to get to know one another. 

ongoing support

We meet for 6 one-hour phone sessions over the course of 3 months. 

Ongoing support is ideal for you if you have an area of your life you'd like to focus on improving and are committed to doing the work to create that change. Together we will look at your beliefs and habits, take stock of your relationships, and implement actionable steps for positive shifts. 

Since I am a huge believer in the power of meditation to facilitate transformation, our coaching sessions will be augmented by recommended meditations as well as self-care rituals for balancing your energy and aligning yourself with the heart.  We will look at what you are eating and drinking as well and make slight tweaks to aid your progress. 

“I’m so happy!!!! I have an audition in a couple of weeks along with a game plan for the next couple of years! As a result of our coaching sessions I have been spending time doing things I love, and feeling so productive. I’ve been taking walks, gardening, practicing, cleaning, cooking (my greens), learning how to build a website which I never thought I would have the time or ability to do. And spending time with family and friends. Thanks to your guidance I’ve reached a place within myself that says I can do this! And that everyday is a new opportunity to learn and grow. You have a gift, Lacy! Thank you for reminding me that I have the ability to choose and act!” — AMH, Boston, MA

Soul Care coaching

You deserve to live a life you love, and it is absolutely within your reach. All it takes is willingness to do the work and belief that you can change. Transformation is inevitable when we show up with hearts and minds open.

Soul Care Coaching is a nurturing, effective venue for creating lasting shifts. Let's nurture your soul and set your heart on fire. 

Ready? Get in touch to share a bit about what you'd like support around.


Soul Care is currently complete for the beginning of 2018.

If you would like to be added to the wait list for the fall Soul Care Sessions please get in touch here. 

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my heart broke wide open

Working with Lacy was one of the best decisions I made in 2017. Also one of the best things I spent money on. Finding Lacy and working with her was serendipity. Our work brought light to things I had buried and my way of being in the world. I am a changed person from the girl I was six months ago. I experience an overall sense of peace and the way I tell my story has changed. I no longer get riled up in traffic, instead that time is used for more thoughtful things.

Lacy was (is) a beautiful, caring guide through this process. It always surprised me to receive a message from her when I was struggling and amazes me still that I can feel so connected to someone I have never met in real life. It was so easy to be open with her about things I had never shared with others. And she held that space with such love.

Lacy has forever changed how I move through this world; changed how I present myself to others; and changed the stories I share with others and most importantly the ones I tell myself. There is a new awareness I received working with her and through her guidance. I have always been the girl who thinks before she speaks but now there is a new filtering process: my thoughts get filtered through my carefully chosen beliefs before they are given credence.

The thing I will always be grateful to Lacy for is that through our work (and some travel experiences during the same period), my heart broke wide open. Like broken so wide open it didn't belong to me anymore. I cannot find words to do this justice but know this is one of the things I treasure most in the world. The experience would not have been so profound had Lacy not helped me work on the foundation.

Lacy, I am forever grateful for your guidance and I hope to meet you in person for a Shift retreat in the future.

- NB, Lacey, WA