Shift, France

May 2019

Retreat Resources and Follow-Up






  1. Ask and It Is Given by Abraham Hicks

  2. The Field by Lynne McTaggart

  3. Journeys out of the Body by Robert Monroe

  4. You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

  5. Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer

  6. Power vs. Force by David R. Hawkins

  7. The Alchemy of Healing by Farnaz Afshar

  8. The Path of Practice by Bri Maya Tiwari

  9. The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall

  10. The Emotion Code by Bradley Nelson


  1. Interstellar

  2. What the Bleep Do We Know?

  3. E-motion

  4. I Am

  5. Heal

  6. Supernatural Mind (features Kayla)

Beloved sisters,

We are so close to our time together in FRANCE! The following information will help you prepare logistically for this transformative trip. I have a short form for you to fill out to help us create the most loving environment for you on retreat. Please get this back to me by April 9. Before you begin here’s a little reminder for you care of India Arie.


Please fill out before April 9. Thank you.

Name *
Address *
Please provide the address where you would like to receive your Shift retreat "flight kit."
Are you a coffee or tea drinker in the morning? *
I know you've answered this, please answer it again. I want to make double, triple sure that we have your food needs documented.
airport/ airline/ flight #/ date/ time
airport/ airline/ flight #/ date/ time
Would you like to ride-share to the chateau? *
Would you like to schedule a massage at the chateau during your Shift retreat? *
The therapist charges 80 euros for one hour & 100 euros for an hour and a half. This is a service you will pay for if you so choose. Depending on how many of you would like a massage this is something we will pre-schedule during the afternoon breaks.
Think custom group soundtrack for daily meditations, etc.

Travel Suggestions

In the unlikely event of unforeseen events I suggest you purchase travel insurance. It can really save the day for things as small as a missed flight or as large as a natural disaster or death of a loved on.


1. The most direct route with ease of flying is to go USA to UK to BERGERAC

The nearest airport to the Chateau is Bergerac (EGC). From US to UK to FRANCE. Direct flight time from the UK to Bergerac is one hour and 20 minutes. It is approximately 20 minutes’ drive from Bergerac Airport to Chateau de Bardouly. Taxis and rental cars are available at the airport. If you choose to rent a car be sure to schedule it ahead of time to ensure you have a car waiting for you. 

A wonderful route is to fly to London, spend the night and then take the 12:15 Ryanair flight from London Stansted to Bergerac.

2. If you prefer to fly into Paris you will fly from the USA to CHARLES DE GAULLE TO BORDEAUX (via air or train) TO BERGERAC (via rental car)

The best rates from US to PARIS are typically on Norwegian. You may also fly into Bordeaux Merignac (BOD) and take the train (or drive) from Bordeaux to Bergerac.

Fly to Charles de Gaulle, then transfer to a flight to Bordeaux (daily flights, from a different terminal at CDG).  The flight from Paris to Bordeaux is just over an hour. If you choose to spend time in Paris and take the train to Bordeaux take a fast train from Gare Montparnasse to Bordeaux or Libourne.  Then take a car directly to Chateau de Bardouly.  


Fly direct to Bergerac from the following cities (on these airlines) in the UK:

London City (LCY – British Airways)

London Stansted (STN – Ryanair)

Bristol (BRS – Ryanair)

Liverpool (LPL – Ryanair)

East Midlands (EMA – Ryanair)

Birmingham (BHX – FlyBe)

Edinburgh (EDI – FlyBe)

Exeter (EXT – FlyBe)

Manchester (MAN – FlyBe)

Leeds Bradford (LBA – Jet2)

Southampton (SOU – FlyBe)


Dublin (DUB – via Birmingham with FlyBe)

Brussels-Charleroi (CRL – Ryanair)

Amsterdam ( – Transvia)

Rotterdam (RTM – Transavia)

Nice (NCE – IGavion)

Lyon (LYO – IGavion

Train Construction


The tracks between Libourne and Bergerac are being upgraded and the work will take place until the end of September which directly impacts our time in France.  Passengers traveling from Bordeaux, will need to disembark at Libourne and catch a replacement bus service to Bergerac; the time for travel will be longer. Alternately you could rent a car in Bordeaux and ride-share with your fellow retreaters to the chateau.  


ride share

For those renting a car there is plenty of parking space at the Chateau for the week.

Chloé, Christina, Joyce, Kim, Laurel, Lizzy, Ritu and Victoria are looking for ride-share. Please connect via email to begin the conversation/ planning with each other. If you have not yet sent your information via the form above and would like to share a ride to/from the chateau please do so asap so I may add you to this list.

  • Chloé |

  • Christina |

  • Joyce |

  • Kim |

  • Laurel |

  • Lizzy |

  • Ritu |

  • Victoria |

Arrivals (for those wanting ride share)


Chloé | coming via train from Paris to Bergerac, through Libourne

Christina | EGC/Ryanair/FR8592/May 11/15:00

Joyce | arrive Paris at 7:45 am on May 10

Kim | Bergerac/Ryanair/FR8592/May 11/3pm

Laurel | Bergerac/ RyanAir/ FR8592/ May 11 / Arrival time - 15:00

Lizzy | Bergerac/ Ryanair Flight 8592/ May 11 / Arrival 3 PM

Ritu | Bordeaux (Merignac)/ AF 7622/ May 10/ 10:55 am

Victoiria | easyJet flight 8013, to Bordeaux BOD, arriving 2:30pm (local time) on Sat. 5.11

Home For The Week

Chateau de Bardouly is located outside the city of Bergerac in the Dordogne Region of Southwestern France.  Bergerac lies between the larger cities of Bordeaux and Toulouse.

For directions by car use Google Maps GPS

N : 44° 41’ 18’’
E :  0° 29’ 27’’

What’s included in your retreat / what’s not:

Travel concierge services are not included in your retreat. I’m happy to answer questions and will provide as much information as I have regarding best modes of travel, etc. Once I have all the flight info from you I will add that to this page as well as email addresses so you may reach out to each other to coordinate ride-sharing if you so desire.

You will need to pay for getting to and from the chateau, any shopping or addition of massage services and if you elect to drink alcohol (after the three days have passed, more info on that below). Beyond those items everything else has been taken care of and all you need to do is show up and experience it. I take great delight in the curation of the details!


Check in begins at 4pm on Saturday, May 11. Dinner will be served that night, and our program will officially begin Sunday morning (see retreat schedule below).

Check out is at 10 am on Saturday, May 18. Breakfast will be served this morning prior to departure. We will wrap our program on Friday evening.


Please make sure your passport is valid and has at least 6 months or more BEFORE the expiration date. They're not kidding around about this one. It's a really big deal and you will be put back on a plane for home if your passport is not correct. Also be sure your name on your airline ticket matches the name on your passport exactly.



The weather this time of year is comfortable. Highs during the day are in the upper 60s and well into the 70s, and lows at night are generally in the upper 40s and lower 50s. Think layers.

For our sessions, think loose, comfy clothing. Yoga clothes. Tanks, T's, tunics, pullovers, stretchy pants, etc. You'll be spending time on the floor sitting on cushions, getting up, lying down etc, so comfort is going to be key. Also, you'll be barefoot in our sacred meeting space each day when we meet, so pack cozy socks if your feet tend to get chilly. As far as footwear, bring comfy slides (like Toms or ballet flats for walking around the chateau grounds) and sneakers or comfy walking shoes for the days we take excursions.

About chateau bardouly

Chateau de Bardouly was built by French nobility between 1580 and 1608.  The de Gastebois family belonged to the royal court throughout the entire reign of the French monarchy.  Paintings depicting family members with the Kings of France can be seen in the Gallerie des Batailles at Versailles.


The land for Bardouly, encompassing thousands of hectares, was ceded to the de Gastebois family by Henry IV.  Artisans who designed the panelled state rooms in Le Petit Trianon at Versailles also installed the dining room and library at Chateau de Bardouly.

Underneath the house are an extensive series of tunnels originally used during the Catholic-Protestant wars that raged in the area.  During WWII Bardouly served as the centre of the resistance in Southern France.  The underground tunnels were used to hide refugees and allied soldiers.

Charles de Gaulle and John D. Rockefeller were among the illustrious visitors to Bardouly during the 20th century.

Bardouly remained in the de Gastebois family for nearly 400 years.  The current owners purchased the estate in 1999.  They fully renovated the home, employing local artisans to preserve the integrity of the original Chateau.


Included in your retreat package are three excursions we will take as a group to explore in support of our work together. You may want to bring a light day-pack, back pack or bag for these events. Also bring comfy shoes, and if you get blisters bring some moleskin. Our excursions will include:

  • A day trip to Marquessac Gardens to meditate then to the market town of Sarlat. This is the most famous market town in the Dordogne. It dates back to the 14th century and stands out for its major historical sites and stunning architecture. (Wednesday),

  • A day trip to Plum Village, Europe’s largest Buddhist Center, founded by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. (Thursday),

  • Celebratory dinner out in town together. (Friday).

A couple of beautiful conversations with Thich Nhat Han to get you excited about our visit to Plum Village.

Appropriate dress for Plum Village-

***Modest, loose-fitting clothes at all times.Please wear only clothes that fully cover your shoulders, chest, back, arms (to the elbow) and legs past the knees.*** Women may find a light shawl handy in Summer. Please do not wear shorts, hot pants, tank tops, skimpy dresses and so on. Save these for the beach! If your clothing is too revealing, you may not be able to enter the Meditation Halls. These are sacred spaces.


During your week in France, you'll be eating locally-sourced, organic, vegetarian meals. You will eat as a group at scheduled times throughout the week. Also, on excursion days, these mealtimes may be amended to accommodate offsite meals.

Breakfast - 8 AM
Lunch - 12:30 PM
Dinner - 6:30 PM


I ask that you refrain from drinking alcohol and consuming processed sugar the first three days of the retreat. If you consume sugar and alcohol regularly you may want to begin tapering off before the trip so these first three days are not a shock to your system.

France is a wine loving culture, and you may choose to partake in a glass of wine with dinner after the three days are complete. You will have an option to purchase wine with dinner if you so choose. Those who choose to drink have two options: You may pool to buy bottles and then divide the total between you at the end. Or you may purchase your own bottle to enjoy over several nights.

Coffee/tea is available daily. There's no need to detox from caffeine this week unless you want to.


This is a basic schedule to give you an idea of our meeting times. We will meet for morning and afternoon sessions punctuated by meal times. This schedule will be adjusted on days when we are going on excursions and according to the energetic needs of the group.


Breakfast | 8 AM

Group Session | 9 AM - 12 PM

Lunch | 12:30 PM then *break until 3 PM

Group Session | 3 PM - 6 PM

Dinner | 6:30 PM

*If you sign up for a massage it will be scheduled during the break time after lunch.

Cancellation/ Refund Policy

... is very straight forward. Your deposit and payments are non-refundable.

I had a college professor (freshman Biology) once say that someone had purchased "a pricey ticket" to be in his class. He compared it to buying a ticket to see the Beatles perform at a sold out show, saying that if we had that ticket we'd make damn sure we showed up for it. I've never forgotten that though I think a ticket to Beyoncé is a better metaphor these days. You bought the ticket to the killer show; now find a way to get yourself there no matter what. You'll be so glad you did.

All that said, In some select instances I'll allow you to gift your spot to someone else. If you find yourself in a pickle, let's talk.

Meet Your Fellow Shift Sisters

As you look, allow yourself to see each person through the eyes of love. These women are going to see you, become a mirror for you, hold space for you, and love you fiercely through this week!

Meet Kayla! I have asked Kayla to co-lead this retreat with me. We live the material we will be sharing over the course of this week and I consider us both living proof that THIS SHIFT WORKS! Kayla is a gifted open channel and has honed her ability to speak from Spirit. Her presence is a gift, her gifts are awe inspiring and her commitment to personal responsibility will leave you feeling empowered!

See that goddess bathing in light codes? That’s Lizzy and I’ve asked her to be your liaison for questions/ needs over the week. Lizzy is fluent in the language of Shift and has integrated this work into her life with such loving dedication. This will be her 5th retreat with me, she was one of my very first coaching clients waaaay back in the health coaching days, and is a graduate of several rounds of Soul Care 1:1 coaching! Lizzy speaks intentionally and loves openly (and gives the best hugs)! She will welcome you to your Shift and will be a supportive presence while we are together in France.



Always put important things that you can’t replace or that are valuable to you in your carry on. If you plan to check a back consider packing a spare set of clothes, undies and toothbrush in your carry on just in case.

  • Passport (Be sure the name on your passport is EXACTLY the same on your ticket as on your passport).

  • Drivers License

  • Photocopies of your drivers license and passport - Print one copy to tuck into your bag in the event of loss of your original. I also email myself a copy of my docs and save them on my phone just in case. It's much easier to get a replacement while traveling if you have a copy of the original.

  • Airline tickets - I like to save a screenshot of my airline ticket and save it as my phone lock screen so I have my flight info easily viewable. If I’m taking several flights I create an album in my phone photos called "I Travel With Ease” and save all the screen shots, image of my passport, etc there. Then I update the lock screen after each flight with the next flight info. If you have an iPhone you can also download your boarding pass to your ‘wallet’.

  • Be sure that you've planned how you’ll be getting to and from the airport to the chateau.

  • Download What's App to your smart phone for communicating with your family. There is dependable wifi at the chateau.

  • Download Google Maps and download a map for offline use of the Dordogne area plus any other areas you will be in.

  • Credit, Debit Card for accessing money - call your bank or card company ahead of travel and ask them to put a ‘travel alert’ on your card so that you avoid triggering the fraud protocols and risk your card being locked out.

  • Extra cash for incidentals and shopping on our market day.


  • bring the contents of your travel kit which you will be receiving by mail

  • favorite journal

  • favorite pen

  • refillable water bottle

  • open heart


There’s no need to get Euros before the trip. When you arrive in France stop at a reputable bank ATM to withdrawal some money.


I always consider the weather and my activities when packing. The weather is going to really pleasant. Our activities will range from sitting in meditation, pool time if you choose it on your afternoon breaks and excursions out. It's going to be an overall relaxed vibe, you won't need anything too dressy. COMFORT is key. This is a trip you can pack light for and be totally comfortable.

My uniform while on retreat is typically stretchy pants and a t shirt or tunic. Be sure you can sit comfortably on the floor in whatever you wear.

I just purchased a new bag for this trip after three signs in a row (I pay attention when the Universe speaks to me in notable 3’s). It’s this one. It’s carry on approved and I’m so excited to try it out.


This is what I am packing. Feel free to use it as a template and modify accordingly for what feels best for you. I’m also including a grid of some of my favorite brands and actual items I’m packing for fun. These are not sponsored but some of them are friend links that will give you a discount on your order and also sometimes a credit to me towards a future purchase.

***Please see the note under excursions about dress for our day at Plum Village.***

  • 1 compression sock to wear in flight - I always fly wearing them, they help so much with the swollen ankles sitch

  • 4 Tops - 1 tank, 1 t-shirt, 1 button down, 1 tunic

  • 1 Sarong (or blanket scarf) -  that will double as a blanket on the plane

  • 3 Pants - 1 yoga pant, 1 travel pant (think stretchy, max comfort for travel days and our sessions, meditations, etc,) 1 pair of jeans for dinner out

  • 2 dresses - 1 maxi, 1 midi

  • 1 Short - cotton

  • 2-3 Shoes - 1 flop flop, 1 slip on for air travel days. if you’re extending your stay you may want to also pack a tennis shoe or hiking shoe. Totally up to you. We will be barefoot daily while in session.

  • 2 pair of socks if you bring tennis or hiking shoes, or if you would like them when we are in session

  • 1 Swimsuit if you choose to take advantage of the pool

  • 5+ Undies

  • 2 Bras - Favor shelf bras without underwire for days in session. Wear whatever feels best for you on excursion days.

  • 1-2 PJ's - I am bringing my fave boy short Me Undies and a lightweight cotton tank.


  • Sunhat if you like - if I need a hat i typically buy one when I get there to save packing space

  • Sunglasses

  • Jewelry - You may choose to leave your fancy jewels at home though when I’m traveling to France I do wear my wedding rings. At retreats I travel with jewelry that I want to charge with energy from that particular experience. I have a few pieces that have become my go to travel jewelry and feels like a part of the ritual of travel for me.


  • Toothbrush and toothpaste

  • Tongue scraper - if you do not own one of these please get one and bring it with you!

  • Deodorant

  • Sunscreen

  • Shaving items

  • Face Cleanser

  • Moisturizer

  • Cosmetics - you won’t need a full face of make up. Retreat participants typically do not wear make up while we are in session. You may like to wear a little on excursion days, that is totally up to you.

  • Earplugs - for the airplane and potentially if you’re sharing a room - as a side sleeper, these are hands down my favorites


If you bring your phone you'll want to make sure you have an international plan (which will require a call to your phone company). I disable cellular data once on the airplane to avoid any crazy charges. There is Wifi so you'll easily be able to text and use What's App. If you have an iPhone you can also use FaceTime on wifi to make calls home.

Overall less is more. Give yourself permission to leave a lot of your technology at home. Let your family know you'll check in at intervals, you’ll want to create large periods of space for yourself during the first half of our retreat.

That said I'm offering a pretty full technology list here.

  • travel adaptor - electrical outlets in France usually deliver power at 220-240 volts. It is much stronger than most North American sockets, which usually deliver 110-120 V

  • phone + charger

  • laptop or tablet + charger

  • camera + charger + spare batter + memory card

  • Go Pro or disposable waterproof camera

  • headphones (noise canceling for the plane are SO awesome)


  • Any Rx meds/ supplements you currently take (put these in your carry on)

  • Pocket tissues

  • Benadryl (we always travel with Benadryl for any allergic reactions that may occur)

  • Basic First Aid (bandaid, antiseptic swabs)

  • Sanitizer wipes (I LOVE these essential oil wipes, I always wipe the seat back, arm rest and tray on the plane and they smell amazing).

  • Homeopathic tabs for headache (or ibuprofen etc)

  • Magnesium powder (great for preventing leg cramping in flight)

  • Melatonin - If you are traveling through many time zones I suggest using melatonin for a few days after we land to help adjust to the new time zone.

  • motion sickness meds if you’re prone to getting air/car sick

  • extra zip lock bags

  • plastic bag for dirty clothes

A former Shift retreater found this post on How To Sleep on a Very LONG Flight. It's pretty funny but sounds like this gal has got her routine nailed (I tried it en route to Bali and it worked great for me too). If you choose to try it I suggest you use this in lieu of Vick's.

Have any other Q’s? Just ask! You can always reach me at

I’m already so in love with all of your open hearts! I can feel your anticipation and can not wait to give you all the information and tools of Shift during our week together.