Shift in France

May 11 - 18, 2019

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For some the Shift experience may be a deep-dive into clearing blocks and returning back to authentic alignment with self. For others it will be about opening further into possibility and vibrationally aligning with what comes next for your human experience. This time in France will be nourishment for your soul. There will also be chef prepared organic, vegetarian food and thoughtful excursions to compliment our work.

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Our beautiful home for the week is called Chateau de Bardouly located in the Dordogne region of France. It was built by French nobility between 1580 and 1608. The de Gastebois family belonged to the royal court throughout the entire reign of the French monarchy. Paintings depicting family members with the Kings of France can be seen in the Gallerie des Batailles at Versailles.

The land for Bardouly, encompassing thousands of hectares, was ceded to the de Gastebois family by Henry IV. Artisans who designed the panelled state rooms in Le Petit Trianon at Versailles also installed the dining room and library at Chateau de Bardouly.

Underneath the house are an extensive series of tunnels originally used during the Catholic-Protestant wars that raged in the area.  During WWII Bardouly served as the centre of the resistance in Southern France. The underground tunnels were used to hide refugees and allied soldiers.

Charles de Gaulle and John D. Rockefeller were among the illustrious visitors to Bardouly during the 20th century.

Bardouly remained in the de Gastebois family for nearly 400 years.  The current owners purchased the estate in 1999. They fully renovated the home, employing local artisans to preserve the integrity of the original Chateau.

I have been given a second chance at life. 

Before Shift I felt stuck, fat, overwhelmed and unsure about everything. I woke up everyday battling my own thoughts and spent many tearful mornings getting dressed in disgust. A good friend suggested that I reach out to Lacy. I remember that first phone conversation, I moved from tears to anger to frustration to sadness as I told her the highlights of my story. She was so patient with me, so loving and kind that I wondered if she was for real. I kept thinking how can anyone be this nice and firm at the same time? After spending a week with her on retreat I can tell you that not only is she for real but one of the most sincere and genuine people I have ever met.  

The Shift retreat was way outside of my spending comfort zone (it was outside of my everything comfort zone). I was not used to putting myself first and certainly didn't understand the energy of money like I do now after having worked with Lacy both at Shift and in Soul Care. I was afraid it wouldn't work for me and that I'd regret spending the money. I was in so much fear and yet I knew that I had to do something to change. Lacy said that I couldn't not be changed and that as soon as I said yes I would start noticing little miracles in my life. She calls it the "yes effect" and she was right. There were so many miracles that I started a journal to record them all. Now when I feel down I read through my journal to remind myself that I am supported and everything is working out for me. 

The last day of Shift I told Lacy with tears in my eyes that knowing what I know now I would have paid double. It was worth every penny and I feel like I have been given a second chance at life.

- SS, Atlanta, GA

Choose Your Room


Cost includes our work together, support materials, your room for seven nights and eight days, chef prepared organic vegetarian meals and excursions. 

Room choices are on a first come, first serve basis. Once your application has been accepted and your non-refundable $700* deposit has been received your room choice is secured. Rates are per person (not per room). Airfare + airport transfers are not included.

Each room includes high thread-count Eygptian cotton linens, clock, wireless speaker, armoire, chest of drawers, writing desk and comfy chairs for reading. All bathrooms are fitted with blow dryers, high quality bath towels, robes + slippers and luxury soap. Pool towels are also provided. 


I signed up for the Shift retreat in Costa Rica hoping I’d resolve some painful emotional and physical issues that had been plaguing me for well over a decade. And in a mere 6 days with Lacy’s skillful and oh so insightful and loving guidance, I truly and fully shifted. I cleared 18 years of grief and came away feeling so much lighter in my body and spirit. Darkness and despair left and light and love moved in. I’m back home now and the transformation is still with me. I know in the deepest part of me that this is a permanent and real shift. In addition to clearing my grief, through the loving support of Lacy and my beyond amazing retreat mates, I fully stepped into the magnificence of who I am. I have a new and loving relationship with myself that I have never had before. And again, it feels like a full and permanent shift. I am so at peace now in my heart, mind, body, and spirit. I am so thankful that I decided to invest in the Shift retreat. It was worth every single penny and more.

Over the years, I have worked with many highly skilled coaches, therapists, body workers and energy healers. However, none of them have been like Lacy. She is a true gift to the universe. She is a beautiful, loving, insightful, intuitive, and courageous healer and facilitator. She calls you forth into your highest self and she is not afraid to share her laser like, intuitive hits for your greater good. She is also so well resourced, drawing upon many wellness practices and modalities (Eastern and Ayurvedic) that she wove magnificently through our days. In addition to creating a safe forum for us to meditate, chant, journal, share, cry, and laugh, she also provided us daily with wellness rituals we could incorporate immediately and into our lives back home. I can say with full confidence that everyone in my group left transformed. And that is due to Lacy and the group she manifested and brought together. I will forever be grateful for this experience. It was a game changer and the best gift I could have ever given myself.

 - MW, Vancouver, BC

Room 1 - BLue room 


The Blue Room features a king size bed, bath and standing shower, two sink basins and wc. This room is also ideal for a partnered couple. Please inquire for the couple rate. 


The Yellow Room features a king size bed, standing shower, basin and wc.



The Queen's Room features a super king size bed, sitting area and bathroom with standing shower, basin and wc.



The Red Room features two single beds, bath with shower, basin and wc.

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Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 5.50.53 PM.png

The Green Room features two single beds, bath with shower, basin and wc.


The Balloon Room features two single beds, standing shower, basin and wc.



The Drivers Room features two single beds bathroom has clawfoot bathtub with shower, basin and wc.

ROOM 8 - The baker's room

Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 5.45.27 PM.png

The Baker's Room features two single beds and a bathroom with standing shower, basin and wc.

ROOM 9 - The Crane's room

The Crane's Room features two single beds, tub with shower, two sink basins and wc. 



I had been working with Lacy for a few months when I asked if the Shift Retreat would benefit me. "Absolutely", she said. "You are so close and this will really help." Not sure what kind of help Lacy thought I needed, I was skeptical. I knew I had been searching for something missing in my life and wasn't sure where to look or how to find it. I was working with Lacy on some past relationship issues and I actually felt that I was making progress in the forgiveness department. So off I went. I must say, my journey getting to the Shift retreat was not the smooth departure I had envisioned. But through the retreat, and with Lacy's help, I learned that the body gives us exactly what we need, that we CAN learn to love ourselves, that all we are searching for can be found inside if we know where and how to look. I came home a new person. I know people say these things, and everyone says "yeah, yeah, yeah",  but I am not the same person who showed up in Costa Rica broken, sick and in need of real spiritual help. I had the most profound experiences and was able to create the person I've longed to become. I learned the tools to stop living in the "fight or flight" arena. I learned that just because I forgave, I had anger, resentment and frustration to acknowledge. But the best part for me, was learning that "I" was the center of my universe - "I" was all I needed!

Since I've been home, my life has changed so much. I have quit the job I hated, realized my full potential, enriched my relationships with those I love and am at peace. And, fired my therapist! Lacy helped me achieve what therapy never could. If I had to do it all over again, I would only change one thing...not waited so long to discover the magic of a Shift retreat. 

- KB, Orinda, CA


Travel Suggestions

Check in: begins at 4 pm on May 11 | Check out: 10 am on May 18

In the unlikely event of unforeseen events I suggest you purchase travel insurance. It can really save the day for things as small as a missed flight or as large as a natural disaster or death of a loved on.

1. The most direct route with ease of flying is to go USA to UK to BERGERAC

The nearest airport to the Chateau is Bergerac (EGC). From US to UK to FRANCE. Direct flight time from the UK to Bergerac is one hour and 20 minutes. It is approximately 20 minutes’ drive from Bergerac Airport to Chateau de Bardouly. Taxis and rental cars are available at the airport. If you choose to rent a car be sure to schedule it ahead of time to ensure you have a car waiting for you. 

I personally will fly to London, spend the night and then take the 12:15 Ryanair flight from London Stansted to Bergerac.

2. If you prefer to fly into Paris you will fly from the USA to CHARLES DE GAULLE TO BORDEAUX (via air or train) TO BERGERAC (via train or rental car)

The best rates from US to PARIS are typically on Norwegian. You may also fly into Bordeaux Merignac (BOD) and take the train (or drive) from Bordeaux to Bergerac.

Fly to Charles de Gaulle, then transfer to a flight to Bordeaux (daily flights, from a different terminal at CDG).  The flight from Paris to Bordeaux is just over an hour. If you choose to spend time in Paris and take the train to Bordeaux take a fast train from Gare Montparnasse to Bordeaux or Libourne.  Then take a train to Bergerac station or a car directly to Chateau de Bardouly.  

Direct flights and airlines to use from the UK

Fly direct to Bergerac from the following cities (on these airlines) in the UK:

London City (LCY – British Airways)

London Stansted (STN – Ryanair)

Bristol (BRS – Ryanair)

Liverpool (LPL – Ryanair)

East Midlands (EMA – Ryanair)

Birmingham (BHX – FlyBe)

Edinburgh (EDI – FlyBe)

Exeter (EXT – FlyBe)

Manchester (MAN – FlyBe)

Leeds Bradford (LBA – Jet2)

Southampton (SOU – FlyBe)

Getting to Bergerac from other cities in Europe 

Dublin (DUB – via Birmingham with FlyBe)

Brussels-Charleroi (CRL – Ryanair)

Amsterdam ( – Transvia)

Rotterdam (RTM – Transavia)

Nice (NCE – IGavion)

Lyon (LYO – IGavion


Since the Shift retreat I’ve truly felt like a new version of myself - like I got a spiritual upgrade :) I’ve since had several difficult conversations with my parents without getting swept up in their drama and emotions. And I’ve actually been able to talk to them and see them and have a good time! I can come out the other side grounded, with my energy intact, instead of needing days to recover.

I’m also finally taking steps on a dream I’ve had for years (!!) which is to buy a house. I would not have been able to take the big steps and the hundreds of baby steps involved in this process if it weren’t for everything I learned during the Shift retreat. While it's been a little stressful and my impatience sometimes creeps in, I still feel an undercurrent of "all is well" and "omg I'm doing this" kind of joy.

I’m especially finding comfort lately in what Lacy says about desires being memories that we’re absolutely going to have in this life. It brings me so much peace, I adopted it as a belief on the spot. I think it helps my brain when it starts its loop of: Can it really be this easy? Can things really be this good? Can I really do this? Yes, yes, and yes!

- EC, Littleton, CO