From RV Living to Cabin Life

You can follow our adventure on Instagram with #lacyandcliff and #youngfamilycabin

UPDATE: We have settled down in a cozy cabin in the woods. See our DIY renovation progress on Instgram here with #youngfamilycabin. Barb has gone on to a bright new future as the Pumpspotting Bus called The Breast Express! You can see their Kickstarter and following along with the RV's continued journey here. 

It’s bananas to sell everything you own and move into an RV, right? Yeap. Completely bananas. But you know what… WE LOVE bananas! In May of 2014 we sold/ gave away most of our stuff and purchased a 1994 Safari Continental. As we started to renovate we found mold which ended up being a tremendous gift. We gutted her and made her into what truly feels like home. It has been and continues to be a BIG adventure and I’m convinced that adventure really means advanced troubleshooting! RV Living gave us permission to live really simply, to notice what feels good and do more of that.