Shift Your Home

creating possibility through intentional shifts in your space

a customized experience to bring the mind, body + spirit into alignment

and invite that CLARITY into the PHYSICAL space you call home


How it works


This work is centered around your needs and desires

We will meet virtually through a series of conversations, coaching sessions and personalized guided meditations to allow the vision for your space to emerge. 


The home visit



Prepare to be deeply seen, heard and supported

Once the vision has come into focus we will schedule three consecutive Home Visit Days where the physical work of shifting your home will occur.

The home visit could include anything from:

  • declutter and organizing room(s) you spend a great deal of time in
  • trading up to safer products in your bathroom and kitchen
  • closet clean out, tidy up or total overhaul
  • helping to remove energetic and belief obstacles within your physical space that are keeping you limited in some way
  • spending some time with your finances to create a plan for intentional saving and spending
  • sprucing each room of your home with small touches that remind you of who you are, what you want and where you're headed in this human experience
  • anything else we deem worthy during this collaboration 

We may also:

  • conduct hands-on healing or energy work sessions to bring balance into your physical body
  • use ritual to cleanse and clear the physical space and invite healing 
  • meditate together in specific rooms of your home

Full service


Support for both the energetic and physical space of your home

If you so desire, while we are working on the energetics of the space, shopping, decluttering and rearranging my partner, Cliff, will be moving through your home to address its physical needs. This may include anything from fixing a leaky faucet to putting in a new window to invite the light. 


Life by design


you deserve to live in a space that feels loving and supportive

We are fortunate to live in a diverse and abundant world. I believe in creating intentional layers that directly support your desire to live an authentic and comfortable life. 

I believe that by realizing shifts in key areas of everyday life you can and will get in touch with yourself in undeniable ways to open up to more fun and lightness of being. 

It's time to Shift Your Home.