Soul Care Coaching

Client Experiences

I was able to heal old wounds instantly

On the day after my first session with Lacy, my whole life started to change in the most significant ways. I’d decided to try Soul Care because I felt lost, I had no energy left in me, no drive, and events of the past that hadn’t found closure were resurfacing, leaving me feeling sad and powerless. I’d lost faith. My calls with Lacy changed it all. During each session, we dove in deep. Thanks to meditation and visualization, I was able to heal old wounds instantly. I discovered how easily I could change my entire belief system and became receptive to all the wonders that life has to offer. Today, after only three months, I feel like I know why I get up in the morning, who I am, what my mission is here on Earth. I trust, more than ever, that Life always has my back. And it does! I’ve had so many incredible opportunities come my way since I started this work! Its effects are still present and allow me to live my best possible life. I can’t wait to work with her again. Lacy is magic!

- CH, Paris, France

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I cannot recommend Soul Care enough

Lacy is loving, patient, supportive, open-minded, kind, generous, and communicative. In short: working with Lacy is life-changing. I cannot recommend Soul Care enough!

-JR, Brooklyn, NY


Lacy is some amalgamation of Yoda/Mr. Miyagi and your favorite, coolest, wisest, warmest, smartest, most fun girlfriend who sees the best in you & is eager for you to hurry up already and see it for yourself, too? Her warm loving energy paired with searing insight makes Lacy an excellent truth teller and problem solver.

She made it safe for me to face some hard truths and release so much. She will ask you simple but TO THE CORE questions. They helped me shake some stubborn ways of being and come through better equipped and more truly me than ever. She somehow makes the heavy, light, and the dark, illuminated. Lacy, you are a real seeker and a see-er. Thank you for pulling for me - walking ahead and clearing a path so that I might more easily see where I'm going. I have this sense that you already knew where I was heading but you tread treading lightly enough for me to forge my own path.

Lacy. I can't thank you enough. You've said/done so much to affirm, inspire, support, and guide me. Thank you so so much. What a gift you are. Thank you for giving!

- KS, Portland, OR