I fell in love with capsule wardrobes! Seriously IN LOVE!

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Unfancy | Lacy Young everyday lookUnfancy | Lacy Young jewelryUnfancy | Lacy Young shoes I've fallen in crazy, serious love with capsule wardrobes. Crazy. Serious. Love.

If you frequent here you know that earlier this summer Cliff and I sold/ gave away most of our stuff, bought an older RV (why is it that someone born in 94 is not old but an RV from 94 is totally old?), renovated and are living, working and traveling in it!

I downsized my wardrobe for RV living but kept way too many shoes and two months in realized that I had a closet full of random pieces that didn't make any sense together or on my body. I had a stack of jeans that were a too loose here, too tight there. Shirts that I thought I HAD to have from Target (when I was really just supposed to be on a toilet paper run). You've been there, right?

The night before we were leaving for our month on the road in September we parked the RV in a parking lot and spent the night at my mom's house. Cliff met me there and brought clothes for me from the RV. It was a huge wake up call. He grabbed my clothes from my closet but they felt random to me and I wasn't comfortable in them. HELLO! What an excellent measure. I realized right then and there that I want him to be able to go into my closet at ANY TIME and choose ANYTHING for me. AND I want to feel completely comfortable and confident in those clothes. Intention set!

Not long after I found this blog called Unfancy and it T R A N S F O R M E D my wardrobe and totally set me free! This post is, in fact a big thank you to Caroline for her blog and all she has inspired in me these past weeks! THANK YOU, Caroline! The first week I started my fall capsule you would have thought I just got engaged. It was THAT good! I'm not kidding when I tell you this whole capsule wardrobe thing has given me so much permission to live in my authenticity, to embrace the power that I have to create my day and my life and to own my confidence in new, completely happy-making ways! And you know I'm on board with anything that grows confidence in a sincere way.

Of course a capsule wardrobe is space friendly for living in an RV (I actually have extra room in our tiny closet now, wha!?). The space in the closet is nice but the space in my life has been the real magic! There's so much more ease in my days. I get dressed without laboring over what to wear and I feel great all day long. So simple yet so profound.

I am not sure that I could have described my style to you before finding Unfancy. Our lifestyle is all about health, fun and flow and my style feels best mirroring that... so casual and comfortable is a no brainer but I also have this preppy side that loves a good button down and loafers. So I'm going with preppy, casual, comfortable for my style and so far it feels really good!

It doesn't get more comfy and casual than a T- shirt and jeans! I wear this outfit on repeat every week. The jeans are my new fave of all time. I've been wearing them for a couple of weeks without washing (TMI?) and they still fit! I've started sizing down on jeans for that very reason. I was so tired of wearing jeans once post wash and then needing to belt them or wash them again.

Each day I try to wear something that feels totally me, a soul mate piece as my friend Lizzy always says. "Soul mate" pieces are those things that you see and they take your breath away! You are drawn to them, have to have them and they become a signature item in your collection! That was me and this necklace from Sundance. I adore it and it was a gift from my mom so that makes it doubly special.

I would love to know...

What are your soul mate pieces?

T-Shirt: Madewell

Jeans: Madewell

Shoes: Teysha (similar) This is a thoughtful company with a great cause! Love that.

Necklace (long with charms): Sundance

Necklace (short with stone): Crystal Works (They don't sell online but you can order over the phone. I chose this one because I was drawn to it and wouldn't you know it's to help with the throat.)

With capsule love, Lacy

p.s. These are NOT affiliate links. I'm sharing a new love that is part of my healthy, happy life. My hope is that you'll find a bit of permission in here to find your style. To simplify your wardrobe and wear what feels really, truly like you! The better you feel the more frequently you'll eat foods that also make you feel good and you'll think kinder thoughts about yourself. It is all beautifully woven together. If you need capsule info or want to create your own wardrobe capsule I recommend you visit Unfancy. She has super duper advice.