Back In Bali

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I’m back in Bali! I love being here so much. I love the easy access to organic vegan food and endless health elixirs. I love how I feel - abundant, possible and sweaty. I love the undeniable beauty of the people and plants. I love the flower offerings, the daily rituals and how easy it is for me to slow down to notice them.

👉🏼Give yourself permission to do more of what you love and much less of what you don’t.
👉🏼Listen to your intuition and act accordingly.
👉🏼Trust yourself even when what you’re feeling is counter to the world view.
👉🏼Eat food that feels life giving, drink more magical elixirs (coolest kombucha label/ packaging ever, right!) meditate, travel to beautiful places and tell deep truths.
👉🏼Practice kindness starting with yourself. Seriously could you be just 20% nicer to YOU today?

With so much love and gratitude from Bali, Lacy

Inside The Kaleidoscope

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Woke up this morning, looked in the mirror on the airplane and said "its so nice to see you." After a month of travel I'm more me than I've been since I was a tiny human. This trip was the best impromptu decision I've ever made. Ever.

I cried so much I thought I'd never be able to stop. But when I did finally stop incredible peace was in the space where so much pain used to live. I reconnected with my Divine. I healed my body and am in awe of what I feel shifting and mending inside. I met truly kind people along the way (including a new forever friend) who blessed me with their generous, bright-eyed smiles. Life will never be black and white again. It's all saturated color and living from the center of truth from here on out. 

Thank you for coming on this journey with me. I love you with all of my burst-wide-open-heart.

 p.s. Just landed in Moscow and it's snowing!

Welcome The Unknown

At the beginning of my journey my sister @kaylaburnsfloyd did a reading for me. It's been my true north on this trip. As I head into my final week I'm in awe of how true this has been for me... "This trip into yourself is going to be the undoing of you in some ways. That can sound scary, ominous, but it is pure, true freedom, I promise you.

Lean into the unknown. Lean into the icky... You are so divinely loved and there is a sense of falling away all around you. Like the leaves fall from the trees each autumn. Except it’s entire branches. They’re just falling off one by one, and you’re feeling the breeze. You’re finally seeing the view. You’re realizing you weren’t as constricted as you always felt. There is a great opening and a great softening. Flow with it. This time is about pruning."

I Got That Bali Shine

I came to Bali because I felt powerfully and unexplainably drawn here. The last several days e v e r y t h i n g has changed, shifted, lightened. It feels like my whole life has been a series of events leading me to this experience. I met this man, Punnu. He is my new friend and teacher. He's incredibly real. Incredibly loving. We did a healing session that identified, moved and cleared SO MUCH.

Then two days of intense meditation and study. More release. More clearing. My heart is so full. So wide open. I'm just so incredibly grateful for life. For connecting with my Divine. For this scar tissue that used to rule me. For the helpers, teachers, family and friends along the way who have held me, prayed for me, loved me. I feel brand new. And shiny. And happy. 

Good Space

Daikon Mushroom Miso Soup with a side of clarity this morning... I'm seeing that when I effort to think it gets jumbled. But when I observe and wait it always becomes clear... I feel how necessary it is to wait and to create space for joy while waiting. How a joyful life really works. And how important it is to create a peaceful existence and home and surroundings to keep you grounded while observing. 

Natural Beauty

I was invited to the home of a local family. The father teaches language classes and we spent time talking together. I shared information about processed foods, organic foods and the problems with pesticides. He shared SO MUCH information about his culture and I've been devouring the memories of it already.

I learned little phrases to say thank you, hello, how's it going. His wife and 3 daughters served cakes and coffee (I asked for water, no caffeine for me, makes me crazy). The little green ones were my favorite. They were sure to inform me that the green color comes from the leaf of a plant. "No artificial! Is leaf!" It's topped with grated coconut (sooooo good) and then with a sugar sauce. I ate them both ways and prefer them without the sugar.

The cake is usually served for religious ceremonies and is rare today so it was a huge honor to be presented with and get to eat them. 

Falling Into Place

Woke up at 3 am feeling like I was being called to. I laid in bed (and took a selfie, as one does). But seriously I laid in bed and just listened. I felt peaceful but like something was definitely happening. Then I talk to my sister later in the day and learn that was the exact moment she was doing an angel reading for me and meditating on me. Woah! 

When she sent me the reading I was in (and still am) so much gratitude for every word. So much resonating. So affirming. I feel like I've received an incredible gift! I'm wondering why I've waited til now after she's been doing this work for two years? Trusting the perfect timing of it all. "Exploration is a word that keeps coming up again and again for you. This trip, this moment, this present creation in your life is about exploration, about exploring yourself with detached curiosity, about letting go of the parts of you that you’re stubbornly holding onto..." So here I go with detached curiosity into a new day of exploration here in Bali. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with me sis! Truly! 

The Feel Good Feeling

I'm in Singapore! This was one of those hand a stranger your phone and hope for the best moments. This city is SO clean and I'm told there are no homeless people here (wild, right)! I feel totally safe. I wish my backpack was lighter but no complaints. I miss Cliff so bad it literally hurts in my heart. I'm still wearing the same clothes I left home in. My hair is setting records for frizz. I'm feeling everything so deeply. You know... All told I'm good. I'm really, really good.