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juice cleanse 101

I first started juicing after seeing the trailer to Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead!  Just. The. Trailer!  It was almost three months of daily juicing before I actually saw the film and of course I LOVED it. I've been juicing ever since and still love the way I feel after drinking a magic green elixir! Last week I did a 1-day juice cleanse and was so inspired by the results I decided to offer this webinar! Please join me tomorrow, August 27 at 6 pm central for a FREE Webinar on all things juice!

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Curious about juicing or juice cleansing?

  • Learn the difference between smoothies + juices.
  • Learn why I am a fan of both green smoothies + green juices.
  • Learn when to smoothie cleanse + when to juice cleanse.
  • Learn fool proof recipes for everyday juicing + juice cleansing.
  • Learn which fruits to peel, which to juice whole.
  • Learn about juicers and how to choose the one that is right for you.
  • Learn why your body LOVES juice!
  • Learn all the details for conducting your own 1 - 3 day juice cleanse.
  • Learn how to eliminate cravings, lose weight (and keep it off) + boost energy with fresh juices!

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Have a specific question? Submit it in the comments here and I'll be sure to address it in the webinar tomorrow. There will also be time for live Q + A at the end of the call! So excited to share my love of all things juice with you!

Register here.



P.S. Can't make it? No problem!

If you  are unable to attend the live call register and you'll be emailed the link to access the recording.

P.P.S. Would you like to feel more peace? More ease? Happy? How would it feel to never feel like a failure again? Learn how healthy foods can taste good! Increase energy, eliminate disease and understand your body! Join me and a small group of kindred spirits for Group Health Coaching! The next session begins September 3rd. Register here.

The end is the beginning!


Welcome to day 3 of your juice cleanse! Happy Juice Sunday!

CONGRATULATIONS you've done it!  You're just a few juices away from completing the cleanse!  As your cleanse draws to a close take a moment to reflect on what you've learned about yourself and what you'd like to take with you from this cleanse.

Here are 10 questions for you to consider and reflect on or journal about:

1.  How often do you think about food and/ or eat out of boredom?

2.  How did your opinion of how much food you need change during the cleanse?  Acknowledge how far you've come in a short period of time!

3.  How are you listening to your body wisdom differently now?

4.  What body sensations and emotions came up for you during the cleanse?  How did you take care of yourself?

5.  What self-care rituals did you practice on the cleanse that you'd like to implement into your day-to-day life?

6.  How important was the prep process for you leading up to the cleanse?  How can you prep more to support yourself in your day-to-day life?

7.  What have you learned about nourishment?

8.  In 3 days you've consumed only fruits, veggies and perhaps some seeds!  How will you bring in more fruits and veggies into your life post cleanse?

9.  How are you feeling? What is your energy level like today?  How is your mental clarity?  Your dreams?

10.  What are some of the most important lessons of the cleanse for you?

As you move from juice back to food I suggest that you keep your morning tonic and green juice in place, eat solid foods for lunch and juice for dinner or have a light dinner of soup or a small serving of cooked veggies.  Stick to salads, stir fry, baked or steamed veggies and maybe add in a grain like quinoa or brown rice if you're feeling up to it.  Try not to go directly back into meat/ dairy/ sugar/ and processed foods on day 1 post cleanse.

It has been so wonderful to share this cleanse with you!  I hope that today you feel vibrant, healthy and happy mind, body and spirit!  If you'd like to explore your healthy life further I'd love to work with you through health coaching. You can visit my site or contact me for more info.

To the power of juice, to the power of beautiful you! Lacy

3-day Juice Cleanse! Monday:  Do More + Do Less Prep Steps Tuesday:  Support Set Up Wednesday: Shopping List + Recipes + Cleanse Schedule Thursday:  Q + A // Tips for Success Cleanse Day 1:  Ladies + Gentlemen, You May Start Your Juicers! More Q + A and 1:1 Support  Cleanse Day 2: The Best Thing About Juice

Cleanse warriors!


Hello Cleansing Friends!

 I'm about to make lunch... cabbage/orange/cucumber/kale/cilantro/ginger.

Are you feeling squeaky? What juice has been your favorite so far? Stick with it, you're doing great!

Thank you for sending your notes of how you're doing!  It's so exciting to see how far this cleanse has reached and how many of us are juicing together today!  I feel your energy and enthusiasm and it's awesome!

Here are the most popular questions of the day so far:

Q: I'm not going to start the cleanse until tomorrow, can I still join the Free Support Call tonight? A: Yes, all cleansers are welcome to join the call.  As long as you're starting the cleanse today or tomorrow you're welcome to join.  Same goes for tomorrow.  If you're starting your cleanse on Sunday you're welcome to join the Saturday call.

Q: Some really personal stuff is coming up for me already, how can I speak with you 1:1? A: This is my very favorite part! Working with you where you are and moving through food & life changes together can be so powerful.  If you're wanting extra support via 1:1 coaching call with me you can schedule your call(s) here.  You're welcome to schedule a time to meet outside of this these particular three days as well!  My intention in putting the cleanse online is so that you can do the juice cleanse when the time is right for you.

Q: I haven't eliminated yet today, should I be worried? A: Nope, not at all.  It may take your body a bit to adjust to your cleanse.  It's really common to experience some constipation right out of the gate.  Continue your cleanse plan and drinking water, your body will normalize soon.  You can also add some light stomach massage starting from the right side of your body working left, massage from below the rib cage down.

Talk to you tonight at 6 PST. Lacy

Ladies + Gentlemen, You May Start Your Juicers!

 Yummy Fruit Juice Combo: Papaya/ Strawberry/ Kiwi

Happy Friday and Day 1 of your juice cleanse!

You have all the tools, all the veggies and fruits and you're already well into your juicing day!  It's 7:30 am in Hawaii as I'm writing to you and I'm sipping my morning tonic!  I have loved seeing all your instagram photos and FB photos this morning about your juices (thanks for tagging me so I'd see them)!

5 TIPS for Day 1:
1. Set your alarm on your phone for all your juice times for all three days!  That always keeps me on track.
2. Remove any distractions, if you're at work and you keep candy or snacks in your desk pack em up and take them to a co-worker to hold.
3. As often as you think of it today say something positive to yourself!  I accept myself!
4. Keep a journal of how you're feeling in conjunction with your juicing times. Note any body sensations and fluctuations in mood that are coming up.
5. Breathe!  Every time you feel one of those sensations or mood changes sit and breathe deeply x5 breaths.  Focus back on the intention that you set for the cleanse earlier this week. 

I am looking forward to talking with you all voice:voice today at 6 pm PST.  

I am rooting for you!

3-day Juice Cleanse begins TODAY!
Monday:  Do More + Do Less Prep Steps
Tuesday:  Support Set Up
Wednesday: Shopping List + Recipes + Cleanse Schedule
Thursday:  Q + A // Tips for Success
Friday:  Ladies + Gentlemen, You May Start Your Juicers!

Juice Cleanse Q + A // Tips for Success

It's Thursday!

The cleanse begins tomorrow!  Are you shopping today!?  You still have time to join us if you've been on the fence about it.  At the bottom of this post you'll find links back to all the prep posts. 



Q: I've never used a juicer before is there anything special I need to know?
A: Juicers are pretty easy to use.  First thing is you want to turn it on before you put produce down the shoot.  Make sure your produce will fit in the shoot, I typically cut apples in half or thirds. I also usually juice the leafy greens first and then add in squeakier things to clear the blade.  For eg. juice a little kale and then a piece of celery, etc.

You will want to clean your juicer right after using it.  Trust me it's so much easier to rinse it right away then to scrub dried veggie pulp away after a little time.  If you don't have a compost and you will be throwing the pulp away I suggest you put it in plastic bag or directly into your outside bin.  All that alive food will deteriorate and smell quickly!

Q: Any chance you'll be online for live chat?
A: Actually, YES! I love the idea of the community juicing together.  So that we can connect, I'm going to be offering 1 FREE support phone call per day for all people participating in the juice cleanse via online conference call!  We'll discuss what you're feeling, how it's been going, I'll give suggestions if you're hitting the wall or need a little boost!  If you'd like to join the call go to my site and either sign up for the newsletter or send me a message so I can email you the call in number!  I've varied the call times in hopes to accommodate all time zones.

Times for the call will be: 
Friday: 6 PST
Saturday: 12 NOON PST
Sunday: 3 PST

Q: What if I NEED to chew? Feel weak or like I need to eat food?
A: Your body needs fat and veggie juice is low in fat so you may find that you need a little support during the 3 days. Hemp*, pumpkin or sunflower seeds are super helpful if you need a little sustenance while on your cleanse.  Little handful goes a long way.  You may find that for the first time you're eating one seed at a time and savoring the crunch, the taste, the experience! Also 1/2 an avocado can do wonders for your spirit and supporting your body.
*Make sure the hemp seeds are ground or they'll just pass on through.

Having seeds or a little avo doesn't mean you cheated or broke the cleanse.  You could even put some of the hemp seeds into your juice if you need the mental assurance of still drinking. :)

Q: Peel or no peel on citrus?
A: For lemon you can leave it on.  If I'm juicing 1/2 a lemon I'll often leave it on.  If juicing a whole lemon I tend to peel it and leave the pith (white part) on and discard the peel.  Always peel oranges and grapefruits.

Q: A pint feels like a lot of juice.  Is it too much?
A: You've heard the saying One man's medicine is another man's poison.  It's true for juicing too.  For the sake of the cleanse I drink a pint and that works really beautifully for my body.  You may choose to use 12 ounces.  Experiment and see what feels best in your body.



1. Pre-Make your first few juices for day 1.

2. Consider pre-making your morning tonics the night before or make enough for all three days tonight.  The lemon/ginger/cayenne stay really fresh in the fridge.

3. Consider removing temptations from your kitchen or section off an area of the fridge and counter just for your cleanse foods!

4. Practice self care rituals while on the cleanse:
-positive self talk: My body is completely healthy. I accept myself.
-body brushing or oiling the body
-light walks and stretching
-reading, journaling, doodling

5. Know that you can and you will show up for yourself each and everyday.  You'll make your juices and delight in taking time for your body, mind and spirit to cleanse.

***A note of disclaimer:  All cleanse information and advice is meant for educational purposes only.  Cleanse posts are not intended as a substitute for medical advice.  Juice cleansing may not be appropriate for everyone.  If you are currently under a doctors care, have a serious illness are pregnant or nursing it is not advisable to participate in a juice cleanse.  If you take vitamins or medications maintain your normal regime while cleansing.***

You're welcome to submit questions in the comments, here or on the FB page.

Happy Shopping and preparing for day 1 tomorrow morning!
To your health!

3-day Juice Cleanse begins Friday!
Monday:  Do More + Do Less Prep Steps
Tuesday:  Support Set Up
Wednesday: Shopping List + Recipes + Cleanse Schedule
Thursday:  Q + A // Tips for Success
Friday:  Ladies + Gentlemen, You May Start Your Juicers!

Juice Cleanse Shopping List + Recipes + Schedule

Welcome to Wednesday and your cleanse schedule!

Essentially you will be replacing breakfast, lunch and dinner with green juice and adding snacks in the form of fruit juices, herbal teas and nut milks.  You will be drinking up to 8 times per day (not including water).  Most days when I'm cleansing I get in 6 or 7, typically day 1 you'll get in all 8.

Feel free to drink as much water as you want to, it can be helpful to sip warm water throughout the day.  You'll want to stop drinking 2.5 - 3 hours before bed or you'll be up and down all night going to the bathroom. 

I use pint sized mason jars for my juices (it's best to store in glass) so I'm typically drinking between 12 - 16 oz of juice per meal.  When my husband is cleansing he drinks a bit more so feel free to adjust according to your needs.

Your cleanse schedule will be the same for all three days:

 Adjust times to correspond to your waking schedule.

1_ 7:15 am//morning tonic of lemon/ ginger/ cayenne or warm water w/ lemon. Within 1 hour of waking.
2_ 8:15 am//green juice one hour after your morning tonic.
3_ btwn 10- 10:30//mid morning snack of herbal tea/ fruit juice or nut milk (choose one).
4_ NOON//green juice lunch.
5_ btwn 2- 2:45// mid afternoon snack of herbal tea/ fruit juice or nut milk (choose one).
6_ btwn 4:30 - 5:30// green juice dinner. Listen to your body if you need to have your dinner earlier do.
7_ btwn 6:30 - 7:30 pm//  evening snack of herbal tea/ fruit juice or nut milk (choose one) Time depending on how early/ late you had dinner.
8_ about 7:30 - 8:30 pm// herbal tea (optional) If you had earlier dinner you'll have earlier tea.  You may choose to skip tea all together. Stop all drinking 2.5 - 3 hours before bed.
A word on organics.  Organics have been shown to have more vitamins and minerals then conventional produce.  Also you don't want to liquify chemicals and pesticides for your cleanse.  Go organic everywhere you can!  If you have a hard time finding organic cucumber just peel the skins off before juicing them.  That is often the case for me.


You'll create your shopping list around what juice combos you choose to make.  I've photographed several for you with the exact amounts I use for juicing (unless I note otherwise).  Most of the combos will fill up two pint jars.  I always juice extra and put it in the fridge for later.  Often I'll juice for the entire day when I'm cleansing.  Yes, of course the juice is best right out of the juicer and some people are hard core adamant about it.  I've found life to be much more fun with a sense of flexibility and ease and that goes for putting my juice in the fridge too.  Just having made the decision to do the juice cleanse, having set your intention for the three days is carrying some powerful energy with it.  Your juice elixirs are going to add to that in spades whether it's right out of the juicer or from the fridge.   


You'll Choose from Herbal Tea, Nut Milk or Fruit Juice.
-For herbal tea select any organic tea that looks amazing to you!  For me it's always peppermint!  This last time I also used a Rooibis blend.

-For Nut Milk purchase 2 cups raw almonds.  Make sure they are just plain ole organic almonds.  Not roasted, salted, etc. Also 2-4 dates.  If you like things sweet go for 4.

This is a good video on making Almond Milk. 

-I suggest you soak the nuts before hand though.  Measure out your cup or two, place in a bowl and cover nuts with water, soak overnight.

-You do not have to buy a nut milk bag, they can be pricey and hard to find.  I suggest you go to the harware store (you might be there anyway picking up your mason jars) and get a gallon sized paint strainer.  They are with paint accessories, usually next to the buckets.  A package of two is less then $3.
- I recommend you use dates to sweeten just as she does.  Remember to pit your dates.  I also pre-soak my dates.  I find that soaking the dates softens them up and makes them blend much easier.  I don't yet have a Vita Mix (OH how I want one!).  They make the best nut milk!  You can make nut milk in a regular blender.  :)
-If you choose almond milk for your evening snack it can be so tasty and satisfying to warm it on the stove with a little cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom and clove!
-I think you'll enjoy the change in texture from all the juices and find the nut milk a treat in your day!
-Buy organic almonds.

-For fruit juices choose from the following:
Carrot/ Apple/ Ginger
Strawberry/ Pear/ Orange
Red Grape/ Apple/ Lemon

If your goal is weight loss on this cleanse go with Carrot/Apple/Ginger

8 carrots, 2-3 apples, ginger to taste. 

12 strawberries, 1 pear, 1 orange.

For this one I just use the small cut portion of lemon or about 1/2 of a small lemon.


If for some reason you don't like ginger or can't stand cayenne pepper simply do warm water with lemon as your morning tonic. 

This gives you an idea of the color your going for. 

I use just a pinch of cayenne, about two tbsp lemon juice and 1 tbsp ginger juice, fill the rest with water.  I will often juice a huge batch of ginger for the fridge and do the same with lemon.  Then I make several days worth of tonic.   Vary the mixture to your taste.  You don't want one flavor to overpower the other. 


This is my everyday green!  Use it as a base if you get overwhelmed.  Here's the basic formula:
Leafy greens + cucumber or celery or both + apple or pear or both + lemon + ginger.  You can't go wrong with this combo!  Then you can add in other things if you like... a little fennel or a few strawberries to enhance the flavor!  You could make and drink the same green juice for the whole cleanse or you can experiment with different combos and options.  I've given you several to start with.  You want your drink to be mostly veggies.  When you first start juicing you'll use more fruit to make it taste better but soon you'll be using less fruit and love the taste :) 
6 kale leaves, 1 cucumber, 5 celery, 1 apple, 1 pear, slice of lemon, piece of ginger. Sometimes I add broccoli stalk to this as well.

 2 Romaine leaves, 4 stalks celery, 6 kale leaves, 1 slice lemon, 1 cucumber, 2 nickel size pieces of ginger, 1/2 orange, 1/2 pear.

1 small lemon, 2 green apples, 1 cucumber, 5 kale leaves, portion of parsley, big handful spinach.

portion of cilantro, 1/2 small lemon, handful of sprouts, 1 cucumber, 2 celery, 1 green apple, piece of ginger to taste, 4 kale leaves.

 1 pear, 1 apple, 1 cucumber, ginger to taste, 2 celery, 2 handfuls of spinach or one giant grab :), parsley.
 4 collard leaves, 3 celery, 1 cucumber, 1 pear, 1 green apple, handful sprouts, small handful spinach, slice of lemon, 2 strawberries.

 3 Romaine leaves, ginger to taste, 1 apple, 1 pear, 1/4 head of cabbage, 1 cucumber, 2 celery stalks, 1 slice of lemon, 4 kale leaves.
6 Kale leaves, 3 celery, 1 apple, 1/2 small lemon, 1 cucumber, 1 broccoli stalk, 1/4 - 1/2 slice of fennel layers, ginger to taste.

Sample shopping list:
pint sized mason jars
paint strainer
2 cups raw almonds
4 dates
2 boxes of tea
7 cucumbers
2 celery bunch
1 cilantro bunch
1 parsley bunch
1 bag carrots
1 bag green apples
1 bag lemons or 6 small lemons
4 thumbs of ginger
3 bunches kale
1 bunch collards
1 box spinach
4 pears
1 pint strawberries
2 oranges
1 fennel
1 pint sprouts

Have a wonderful time shopping!  Celebrate how beautiful your cart is! I'd love to see your carts and juices and progress in pictures and words on the FB page. 

Tomorrow is Q&A// Tips for Success!  Let me know if you have any questions!
All my best,

3-day Juice Cleanse begins Friday!
Monday:  Do More + Do Less Prep Steps
Tuesday:  Support Set Up
Wednesday: Shopping List + Recipes + Cleanse Schedule
Thursday:  Q + A // Tips for Success
Friday:  Ladies + Gentlemen, You May Start Your Juicers!

Cleanse Support Set Up

Welcome to Tuesday and Support Set Up!

While you're the only on responsible for what goes into your mouth having a support team in place can mean the difference between completion and caving.  Here are a 4 suggestions for creating a support system for your upcoming cleanse!

1. Talk about it.
First and foremost talk with the people who you share a roof with.  Let them know that you're doing a 3-day juice cleanse and that you would like their support.  For some that means don't eat in front of me, don't ask me what's for dinner, don't order pizza... etc.  For others that might mean that everyone in the house is cleansing!  Ask each person for the appropriate level of support (don't be afraid to be specific with them).  Consider also letting your co-workers know in prep for Friday.  That way they won't bring the donuts by your desk or ask you out to lunch.  During the cleanse you'll begin to notice just how much of your life typically revolves around food, eating it, planning for when you're going to eat it, thinking about it...

2.  Set an intention.
My very first yoga class was over a decade ago and I'll never forget my first child's pose, forehead pressed to the mat-- my teacher, Rachel asking us to set our intention for the rest of the class.  The idea that I'd create a thought and hold it for 90 minutes was mind blowing.  That was the beginning of an intention filled life for me.  Perhaps this cleanse will be the beginning of intention filled eating for you?  Maybe that means you'll breathe and speak words of gratitude each time you feel a hunger grumble in your stomach or you will be a bit more kind, loving and patient with yourself then you normally are.

3. Plan Ahead.
This one is HUGE, especially for Friday since many of you will have to pack your juices to take to work.  Tomorrow I'll be giving you the menu and shopping list for the 3 days.  Consider making some or all of Friday's juices on Thursday night.  Definitely make the first two or three.  That way when you open the fridge it's all ready to go and there's a much smaller chance of self-sabotage. 

4. Simplify or even clear your calendar for the cleanse.
You'll want to allow time just for yourself.  Downtime to sleep, read, write, take walks, do gentle stretching, take a bath, etc... As your body detoxes you may experience emotional and/or physical reactions.  Give yourself full permission to practice extreme self care over these three days.  This might mean delegating cooking for the rest of the family to your partner.  Or sending your regrets for a previously scheduled social event.  Look around your life and home and see where you can simplify leading up to Friday.  You may also decide to physically clean house.  Clearing the clutter may give you a much needed boost in prep for the cleanse!

So how are you feeling!?  Getting excited! 
Feel free to post questions here or on the FB page. 
Have a wonderful day!

3-day Juice Cleanse begins Friday!
Monday:  Do More + Do Less Prep Steps
Tuesday:  Support Set Up
Wednesday: Shopping List + Recipes + Cleanse Schedule
Thursday:  Q + A // Tips for Success
Friday:  Ladies + Gentlemen, You May Start Your Juicers!

Cleanse Prep

Happy Monday!

Welcome to cleanse prep week! 

Here's the schedule for the week ahead:
Monday:  Do More + Do Less Prep Steps
Tuesday:  Support Set Up
Wednesday: Shopping List + Recipes + Cleanse Schedule
Thursday:  Q + A // Tips for Success
Friday:  Ladies + Gentlemen, You May Start Your Juicers! 

Thank you so much to all of you who have already decided to join the 3- day cleanse that begins this Friday!  If you have not yet heard about the cleanse or you are on the fence there's still plenty of time before Friday to procrastinate a little, commit to join and plan.   I'm loving hearing the stories about how you are attracting juicers to you!

In preparation for Friday, the first day of the 3-day cleanse take some time today to take stock on where you're at right now in your life and your relationship with food.  You are the expert on you and there's some very valuable info tucked away in there.   

Have you cleansed before?  How was that experience for you? How do you usually sabotage yourself and what can you do this time to ensure that doesn't happen?  When have you felt the most successful with food in your life?  Consider starting a food journal today to bring awareness to what kinds of foods you are eating, how big your portions are and when you are eating (are you hungry, bored, tired, happy, sad etc).

There are several things to do more of this week and several things to reduce or even eliminate in preparation. 

Do more:
-Drink more water!  Perhaps the easiest of all. 
-Sweat to eliminate toxins (light to moderate exercise).
-Eat fruits and veggies especially dark leafy greens and root veggies.
-Cook at home and prepare simple meals.  Home cooking is the easiest way to control the ingredients that go into your meal.  Baked root vegetables with spices or steamed greens with salt + pepper are an excellent choice for this week. 

Do less:
-Sugar!  The idea of binge then cleanse is not what we are going for here.  Resist the urge to eat a "Last Supper" feast before Friday.  You already know what those foods taste like.  You have eaten them hundreds of times.  Any beautifully dressed up slice of sugar is only going to make the withdraw experience more extreme come the first day of the cleanse. 

-Alcohol.  Umm it's a sugar too.  I know, that part always kills me too.

-Chocolate.  Did I just lose a few of you?  It's just 3 days.  It will be there when you're ready to come back to it (IF you still want to, you might just surprise yourself). 

-Dairy.  If you're used to eating lots of cheese, drinking a glass of milk a day etc now is the time to start tapering off and even eliminating before Friday.  Consider subbing in Almond, Rice or Oat Milk.

-Refined, processed anything.  Especially refined white flours.  Consider subbing in healthier organic versions of what you usually eat.  For example organic corn chips (I like the blue ones) can be subbed for potato chips.  Or go with baked sweet potato fries instead of fried french fries.

-Red Meat.

-Caffeine.  This is a big one.  The first time my husband and I ever cleansed he spent most of the first day curled up in a ball on the bed with a pounding head from severe caffeine withdrawals.  He's a daily morning coffee drinker... 1 - 3 cups and it hit him like a ton of bricks!  Consider switching out this week to green tea.  Depending on how much caffeine you drink either in the form of sodas or coffee taper yourself off in a way that works for your body.  Write down how much you drink a day and develop your 4 day reduce and eliminate plan... today 1 less cup, tomorrow 1/2 the amount you'd usually drink and introduce black or green tea... etc.  If you're a soda drinker consider trying sparkling water + fruit.

All the Do More + Do Less prep steps will make the cleanse much easier for your mind, body and spirit come Friday! 

You're welcome to post up any questions here or on the FB page. 

Wahoo Cleanse Week!

And on the 7th day_A free juice cleanse!

I set out to do 3 days juice cleansing and 3 felt so good I did 3 more (Steel Magnolias anyone?  Truvy: In a good shoe, I wear a size six, but a seven feels so good, I buy a size eight.)  Yesterday was day 6 and now on this 7th day I've decided to offer a free cleanse for all those who would like to join in on the juice feast!

Yeap, F R E E.  Recipes, support, a schedule, ideas on substitutions and how to make it work for you, a little commiserating on what you might be feeling and experiencing.  

Follow along on the blog and my FB page.


Fri, March 30/ Sat, March 31/ Sun, April 1


3-day juice cleanse!  A time for renewal, to loose a few lbs, to REset, to learn about your body, about whole foods and juices!  To welcome Spring and clean your internal house!

You'll need:

A dose of can do.

A juicer.  This is my favorite though you don't have to start with an expensive juicer if this is your first time experimenting with juicing!

Time to take it easy and listen to your body.  If you're a *caffeine drinker or eat mostly processed foods you might experience some withdrawals + headaches and it's super helpful to be able to lay down, nap, etc... 

*it's helpful to start weaning yourself off the caffeine now.  It will make it so much easier come day 1 of the cleanse.  Try using 1/2 the amount of coffee you normally do per cup or start subbing in green tea when you'd typically have that 2nd cup of coffee.

Optional- a blender to make nut milks

Glass Jars for storing your juice.

I'll post up a shopping list next week in prep!  Here's to your very best you and the power of juice!
Excited to share this with you all!

Love and Green Juice!