Soup is love.

Parsnip Soup | City Sage

Click here for the full recipe for Dairy Free Cream of Parsnip Soup. Image by Anne Sage. There's something about a pot of soup on the stove. The warmth. The simplicity. It feels like love in the kitchen and in my belly. It's from that love and ease that I'm bringing you One Pot Wonders, a season of soups! It's a 3 month email subscription. I have been in the kitchen creating and recipe testing and I am SO excited to share these soups with you!

Once a week for November, December + January you’ll receive an email from me with a delicious and easy to prepare soup recipe! You’ll receive a full shopping list and information on why you need those particular foods in your life!

Think delicious warm easy to make soups with a dose of easy to digest nutrition information and things to consider as you move through your week. Your weekly recipe + shopping list will arrive on Fridays just in time for weekend shopping.

Here are a few of the delicious soups you can look forward to: Carrot Ginger, Curried Lentil, Hearty Bean Chili, Mushroom Quinoa, Potato Leek, Spiced Butternut Squash and many more! There will be 13 weekly emails in total. You’ll receive your first email on November 7th and your last email on January 30th. No more dinner rut! Yay!

A season of ease in your kitchen and warmth in your belly is $28! Yeap. $28.

Enroll here.

Soups on! Lacy

P.s. It’s going to be the complete opposite of this. ha!

Enough is enough.

love U |

Dear beautiful soul, I'm writing to you from bed. Ned's curled up on Cliff's pillow next to me. Cliff is 7 days into a water fast. I'm deep in an Ayurvedic cleanse that is challenging and changing me and I'm thinking of you. I've been wanting to write you this letter for a long, long time.

These last few weeks have been big and heavy and full. One client is mourning the loss of her dear son who left too soon. Another celebrated her birthday and went through the inevitable life inventory that comes with another passing year. Another has moved from one coast to the other and is negotiating a big, new, scary, exciting city where she knows no one. Another has stopped binging and purging for the first time in her adult life. Another has finally, finally thrown away her "fat" clothes. I could go on and on. Like I said, Big. Heavy. Full.

In the midst of all that change, of all those victories and struggles each has a story of food just like you do. They are stories of donuts or cake or coffee drinks with extra whipped cream. Trigger foods. Comfort foods. Shame. Sadness. Struggle. Try and try again. Pants that fit too tight, arms or thighs or you-name-it that's too fat. That pokes fun at you when you pass the mirror.

Beloved, I'm calling it... enough is enough. It's time to love ourselves exactly where we are. To honor that we are each living so bravely. That we are unapologetic works in progress. That healing is underway. It's time to reprogram those old tapes and tales of self-loathing. We are who we are because of our suffering, our experiences, our challenges and perceived failures. We are a tribe, we are one and it's time to come together.

Ready for the truth? You've called this extra weight (physical and emotional) into your life for a reason. It will go when you do the work to release it. I don't believe in weight loss and I don't want you to believe in it either. I want you to embrace weight release because when it goes it's never coming back! You feel me? You lose things you want to find again like your keys! You let go of things you're complete with, that you never need to see or experience again.

It's time to start living in alignment with your desires. Over and over again. It's a million tiny decisions in the direction of your best life. I'm begging you, inviting you and cheering for you! Please embody the beauty that you are. Begin to see yourself with love. With conscious compassion.

It's time. It's time to start living from passion and can do instead of discipline and will power. Enthusiasm is your friend. An open heart is your ticket. Willingness will lead the way.

I know that you're in need of regular and real support. Right? Right! Could you use some practical tools to bring awareness and gain knowledge?

Are you ready to learn what's possible? To transcend all those stories you've been telling yourself? Sure you know the basics. You're totally in touch with what's healthy and what you "should" be doing. You know that veggies are good for you and cake isn't but do you know how to listen to your body? Do you know how to end the struggle? I'd like to show you how.

You've mastered what needs to be removed from your diet like soda and chips but do you know what you need to add in? And have you been able to put the chips down? Ready to? Are you wondering what vitamins you really need to be taking? And what's the deal with super foods? Are you ready to learn how to allow your intuition to lead when it comes to all things food and life?

It's time to expand your repertoire. It's time to get comfy in your body and in your kitchen. It's time to stop hating grocery shopping and your belly. Dear one, it's definitely time to stop saying nasty things to that person staring back at you in the mirror! This is going to be the education of your life. This is all the stuff we really should have learned as a child and cemented in our formative years.

It's time. To believe in you. To invest in you. To do the most worthy work of your life. To practice. To grow. It's time to Love U.

This is THE COURSE that has been waiting to be born and my heart is saying it's time. If you're ready to join me in the most worthy education of your life you can sign up for the wait list and more information here.

It's called Love University. And this letter is your invitation to enroll in the experience of a lifetime. You're going to get a Bachelors degree in Love and it's going to be beyond amazing.

The Freshman semester begins Winter 2014.

I love you. I believe in you. I can't wait to share this with you. Lacy

P.s. Join the wait list here.

Hey Sugar!

10 day sugar detox with lacy young

I AM SO EXCITED to announce my first e-course! THIS has been ruminating in my heart + mind for so long. When I first rolled out my website I optimistically created an e-course page knowing that one day when the time was right it would be filled with content. Well, happily THE TIME IS RIGHT (and so is the price)! All the details are below and of course comment if you have any questions! 

Hey Sugar, it's time for a break!

Come join me in taking sugar out and adding sweetness into your life! This course is a 10-day experience where you will take small but mighty steps to get refined sugar out of your diet along side a warm and supportive community of friends from around the globe!

sweet surrender sugar detox

This course is for you if:

- your sweet tooth is the boss of you. - all your will power went right out the window the minute the cupcake truck pulled up (grab me a Red Velevet, mmmkay!) - you need a little something (coffee, tea, etc) to get you through that 2 pm slump. - you feel like you need something sweet after meals. - you are struggling to lose extra lb's. - you just KNOW that it's time to change and sugar needs to go.

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions than this is just for you!

The Course:

Sweet Surrender is an experiment where practical meets thoughtful. Together over 10 days we will create a powerful foundation for abundant health and compassionate self-care by celebrating small steps and big light bulb moments on the role that sugar plays in your life!

The Details:

This is an online class. Sweet Surrender will be delivered right into your email inbox daily for 10 days. There will also be a Facebook community filled with others who are participating. It's a space for sharing + connection throughout the journey!

You Will Receive:

Daily experiments, to-do's + inspiration in your inbox each day. An invitation to the private community space on Facebook. Oodles of support + encouragement!


October 1 - October 10, 2013.




Registration is now open for the October session! Register here or click the Buy Now button below.

Once I receive your registration I’ll be sending over a message confirmation of your spot + to welcome you to class! Be sure to double check the email address you have listed in Paypal and let me know if there is a preferred address where you'd like to receive the coursework.