2014 ::: The Year of Ease


Some years I labor over my word creating lists, opening dictionaries and the thesaurus trying to find the exact right one but this year my word came effortlessly. It was a feeling that lead to a conversation (that lead to a series of conversations) with my sister where 'ease' first peeked it's head around the corner and gave me a wink. I liked what I felt looking back at that word. I liked it A LOT. In October I found a sweet little jar and wrote 'think ease' on the front sort of as a trial run. Each day I would gaze at it as I brushed my teeth having a conversation with Ease in my mind. Will you be my word? Do we need each other next year? And the answer was always a soft 'Yes, of course, I'm here for you Lacy. Let's go explore 2014 together.'

So here we are. It's the first day of 2014 and ease is right here by my side. Literally. I cleared the chalk board, gave it a good scrubbing and it now reads Allow Ease 2014. I don't have a lot of fancy plans, just the intention to take the road where I see Ease leading the way.

This word and this year feel markedly different then the years with words that have come before. I find myself in a really peaceful place this morning sitting in a willingness to be present and see what comes up.

Do you choose a word each year? What word is your 2014 travel buddy? With love + effortless ease, Lacy

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The Root :: I first started choosing a word because of Ali.  I have so much gratitude and love for this practice. It’s been a profound part of my life since 2008.

Here's a look at my past words :: 2008 : 2009 : 2010 : 2011 : 2012 : 2013

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What's Ahead :: Detox eCourses



I am SO excited to bring you a brand new eCourse combining some of my favorite foods on the planet! Greens changed me forever (and helped me lose nearly 50 lbs)! Green JUICE leaves me singing + dancing through the house. And green smoothies... well I'd like to kiss whoever first blended greens with frozen fruit right on the mouth!

2014 Juice,Smoothie + Whole Foods Detox Dates:

  • January 20 - 24
  • March 10 - 14
  • May 5 - 9
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You know it, you love it! I'm so proud of this detox! Hundreds of you have kicked sugar to the curb + loved the results! Cravings obliterated, unwanted pounds gone, more confidence, better sleep, more patience with co-workers, kids and partners... I could go on and on. This one is a game changer!

2014 Sugar Detox Dates:

  • February 1 - 10
  • April 1 - 10
  • June 1 - 10
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Probably the easiest of the three courses, this is a 5 day Whole Foods Feast! Go fully vegan for a week or try one meatless meal per day. It's all up to you! The pledge is intentionally sweet + simple. Veg Pledge is focused on what I know to be true... eating more fruits + veggies will change your body and your life for the better!

2014 Veg Pledge Dates:

  • February 24 - 28
  • March 24 - 28
  • May 19 - 23
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Status Update

din din

Oscars are on. Wine is poured. Completely satisfyingly simple dinner in the belly. Steamed broccoli. Noodles, spinach and basil from the garden, roasted garlic and olive oil with red pepper. Delish! Ned is purring, kneading the blanket on my lap and these moments are already my favorite of the week. As winners give their acceptance speeches we say what ours would be... Cliff says he'd say "...my lace, you're my inspiration to be a better person, the center of my Universe" and I say that I'd say "Thank you to my love, the warehouse where all good things are stored!"

I'm nearing my next food experiment... going RAW for the month of March! Feels scary, exciting and really, really BIG! My Aunt Mary has lead the charge on this experiment. I'm feeling super appreciative that my family is not only down for my crazy granola lifestyle but they often jump on board or in this case take the lead!

The year of *Genuine* is coming along with heart swelling results. I'm so aware of special moments when they're happening and on more than once occasion I've found myself saying "I am so glad I ordered this up from the universe."

Our green house is showing off and we applaud for it on the regular.

Went to Trader Joe's today in Houston and it's in an old movie theater. Completely awesome with re-done movie posters like Pulpy Fiction, Joe's (instead of Jaws) and The Cod Father. Well done, Trader Joe's! Well done!

Learning cupping this week and I could not be more excited. It's a treatment that has given me and continues to provide huge results. Good, good, so good!

Happy Sunday. May this week be full of moments that you ordered up from the universe!

Big love, Lacy

::January 2013::

This was January 2013. In the year of Genuine I felt genuinely grateful this month.  Grateful for connection, for relationships, for the people that fill my life with love.



Happy NEW YEAR! I'm a sucker for beginnings, the newness, the fresh start the ease and excitement of it all. How are you feeling about 2013? What do you want to get out of this year? What do you need more of in your life? Or less of? What would it feel like to live in harmony with food?

2012 was book-ended with trips to Hawaii. That place is a little bit of magic for me. It's one of the few places that turns me into an early riser. Morning beach walks and giant local avocados are soul food. I feel the most myself near the ocean barefoot with wild free flowing curls and a makeup free face. While I was there I started thinking about what I wanted for 2013 and what my word would be for the year. Each year I choose a word as my little touchstone to return home to. My word becomes the Rocky theme song playing in the background.

2012 was the year of nourish. 2013 will be the year of genuine.

gen·u·ine as in genuine leather. That smell, that feel. We're talking good old-fashioned, 100% grade A, REAL.DEAL. Honestly felt love. Vibrance, vitality, vigor, shine, glow. Like ice cold beer on a hot day and the way it feels when your love smiles at you across the room. It's the way a child giggles. Sincerity, full out. Genuine as in full fat, full taste, full satisfaction in all it's glory. This will NOT be a year for reduced fat, fat-free or partially hydrogenated anything. This is 2013, the year of genuine. Like Paul Newman. Tried and true. Steadfast. They don't make em like they used to. No pretense, no bullshit, no wasting time. This year is about showing up and being present enough to enjoy the ride. It's about moments, big smiles and big orgasms. The ones in the bedroom and the ones in life. Genuine food, genuine juice not GMO, not from concentrate. It's whole health. Total wellness. Breathing freely. Living joyously.

And at the end of the day genuine is inward. Subtle. Honest. Peaceful. It's triumphant without making a huge scene. Personal. Deep. It's true and for the next year it's my dear friend.

So how about you? Do you choose a word each year? I'd love to hear what you've chosen and what it means to you.




I will be rooting for you this year as we venture together into all that 2013 holds.

With so much genuine love, Lacy


The root: I first started choosing a word because of Ali.  I have so much gratitude and love for this practice. It's been a profound part of my life since 2008.




My word this year has been Nourish. When I look back on that blog post I can't help but smile at how the year has unfolded. My intentions manifested perfectly even though they were often not as I envisioned. I've learned about essence in huge ways. I've seen how the universe gives you signs in little whispers and big punches in the face. This year has been one of the most transformational in my adult life. Shit happened then shift happened. I made authenticity my middle name (figuratively, of course). I have loved this year and this word. I did eat more life giving foods, drink more green juice and listen to my body. I started eating vegan most of the time. Cliff joined me and it changed his life. His cholesterol and blood pressure normalized. He completely blew me out of the water when he gave up caffeine. We grew closer and we swear our teeth got whiter. Weird but true. We can't seem to wipe the stupid grin off our faces most of the time. We showed up for each other sometimes by giving space and sometimes by never letting go.

I dabbled. I puttered. I explored. I lost pounds and gained clarity. I grew. I surrounded myself with people who inspire me. I felt deeply loved especially by my family and dear friends in Boston and San Jose. I nourished clients and many became close friends. Health coaching continues to bring me profound joy. I know my purpose. I feel deep peace in that.

We didn't move to San Diego but I did get to live by the sea for 2.5 months at the beginning of this year on a soul journey.  It was the definition of nourishment. At 33 I found myself, I finally embraced my body and peace rushed into my life.

I stopped doing a lot of things that made me feel crummy. I de-friended. I deleted my contacts by accident or was it? I stopped participating in one-sided relationships. I  started more things that make me feel amazing. I slept when I felt like it. I ate lunch at breakfast time. I oiled my body more (coconut in summer, almond or sesame in winter). I drank more water and swam all through the summer. I taught myself breast stroke via you tube. No kidding. I rode my scooter. Rode my bike. Drank amazing red wine. Drank mediocre red wine. I felt brave. I trusted. I turned down the noise so I could hear my intuition. And it's wise.

We moved to Texas. Downsized. Had a huge garage sale. Kept things that truly make us happy. Started using fine china everyday. Simplicity became a guiding practice. I learned to love cooking. Spices became exciting. I didn't jog enough times to count but I did walk and lunge and do at least 5 push ups per day and that feels perfect. I meditated a lot, wrote a lot and spent most of my time barefoot.

I didn't go on Ellen to talk about Campaign for Confidence but I did continue to work on my love project through a new tumblr page and facebook page. I gave up on deadlines and must do's and allowed myself to follow my passion. I realized time and again that nothing is created in overwhelm. I spent entire days reading or watching movies. Somedays I spent all day outside, some days I never went out.

I saw Oprah with my Aunt Mary. Sublime. I saw my little brother graduate with my entire family. I will remember his face and joy walking that stage for a long time to come. I saw Magic Mike with my mom. We agree Matthew McConaughey killed it.

Cliff found a job he loves. Started writing a book. We planted a garden. We visited Mendocino and our hearts swelled. I can still feel that trip in my entire being. It was that good. We collected sea glass. We drove from California to Texas in a moving truck with our two cats. Watched the sunset together at the Grand Canyon. Phenomenal. We said goodbye to Cliff's dad. We nursed the Hinge and held her speaking whispers of gratitude and love as she took her last breath. We mourned and cried. We said hello to our sweet niece Chloe. We celebrated.

2012 nourished me.

I nourished my spirit this year and all is well.

As I move into 2013 I still have no idea what my word will be but I know what I want to create and it will find me in perfect timing as it always does. What about you? Are you choosing a word of the year?






This is the year of nourish and with it some radical change is coming.  Radical meaning dramatic and radical in the 80's sense meaning totally awesome. 

I'm embarking on a journey.
I'm packing light (which is new). 
I'm planning to sleep on the floor for a month or two (also new).
I'm buying a one way ticket (new again).
I'm going alone (you get it by now, all this is new, new, new).

I'm headed out on an adventure to Hawaii!  To do some good work. To create space.  To go with the flow of my life.  To spend time with my kind of nature- sand and sea, mountains to climb and paths to walk down barefoot.  To warm up!  Oh how I am cold to my bones and I know it's not even really truly cold here.  No, I'm not having a crisis (though I can see how you'd think so).  I am clearer then I've ever been.  I could see myself walking on that plane with my bag before I ever had the words to say out loud. 

The universe has been sending me all kinds of little thumbs up lately.  I love it when these kinds of things reveal themselves!  It always makes me think of Fools Rush In and how the 'signs are everywhere' (hot dog stand anyone?  No, just me with the B movie/ romantic comedies?)!

What I know is that life is now.  You get to make a choice how you live it each and every day.  I'm listening to the whisper inside.  I'm brave.  I'm open.  I'm inspired.  I'm equipped. 

My work goes where I go so why not--- I can take coaching calls from the beach and actually I plan to!  As my own walking, talking billboard I've created an authentic life.  I'm always saying how badly I want to live at the beach and so now instead of just saying it, I'm doing it.  I'll be living RIGHT across the street from the beach!  It makes me giddy actually.  The power to create the life you you want live is at your fingertips, in your heart and in every word you speak.   

I'll be spending some time in the Hawaiian country.  Time to experience culture and community.  Time to live more simply.  Time to fill the well and gather up inspiration for what comes next for Campaign for Confidence and for health coaching and beyond! 

Cliff is on board 100 percent.  He's looking forward to the time too.  Time for him to work on writing his book.  Time for us to remember who we are as the people on the other side of the '&.'  Yes we're married but we don't breathe from the same lung.  Admittedly, I forget that from time-to-time.  This will be an excellent reminder of who we are, who we want to be, what we see for the future and how it all fits together.  Like a marriage cleanse with wonderfully long email love letters on what we're experiencing. 

My big ole jet plane takes off January 28th. 
I'll be posting updates on my adventure each week!  I am excited to document the journey here and share it with you. 


And the word is...

on NYE

This marks my 5th year with a word set as my intention and little touch stone to come back to and begin again throughout the year.  In yoga when you lose your breath, you take child's pose to come back.  My word will be my forehead on the mat, breath in and out of my body, the slow and steady gaze at what truly matters. 

2012 will be the year of Nourish.

I like that it's an ish word.  That was one of my favorite things I noticed when I first moved to California, people here say 'ish' a lot.  So this year, I'm having an ish year which I think insinuates a little flexibility and we could all use some of that!


  1. Provide with substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition.

This year I'll nourish my body, mind and spirit.  I'll eat life giving foods, drink more green juice and listen to my body.  I'll keep growing and learning and surrounding myself with people that inspire me.  I'll nourish my clients with support, empathy and information.  I'll nourish my relationships so they can continue to grow.  I'll nourish the Campaign for Confidence, keep spreading the word and doing the work.  I'll nourish the life-long calling to live near sand and sea as we move to San Diego and begin a new chapter.  I'll nourish my need to simplify as we downsize to a smaller home.  I'll nourish my body with beach walks, beach jogs and yoga.  And I betcha 2012 nourishes me right back with open arms, adventures, dreams becoming reality, travel, abundance, a spot on the Ellen show to talk about Campaign for Confidence, the perfect cozy-clean-accepts cats- 2 bedroom cottage near the beach (doing a little creation here :), a job Cliff loves and a deep feeling that all is right, it's all unfolding as it's meant to, that the best is now and the best is yet to come.

Let the nourishment begin!

Did you pick a word?  I'd love to hear it!

Lots of love,

I'll be a verb.

I've found my word or it has found me.  At any rate it definitely feels like we are meant to spend the next year together.


1. Make or become lighter or brighter, to shed light on.
2. To relieve or be relieved of care or worry.

It's my intention is to lighten up.  Lighten financial worry, create a work/life balance that inspires happiness.  STOP being so hard on myself, refine, grow and emerge a happier, healthier Lacy. Continue to lighten up on our belongings (aka stuff)... keep what I love, what feeds me and donate what does not.  Surround myself with people that inspire me and bring light and love into my life.  So that's it.  All my heart, all my love and hopes for this year in one little word, lighten.  

My little sis and her husband are heading through the sky over the big blue ocean today and landing in a whole new life in Barcelona, Spain.  I can't imagine what they must be feeling.  We are all off to stand in the light in our own ways.  

Hope the light is shining brightly upon you today!  Happy New Year!

Did you pick a word?  What is it and what does it mean to you?  You are welcome to share!


This and that...

Hearing this song is always soul stirring for me and Aaron Neville always makes me think of my dad.  I heard it last week and I've been singing it in my head since then. 

I'm still thinking and journaling about what my word for 2011 will be.  I'm over the hump of being stumped and I feel the word starting to reveal itself.  Do you pick a word of the year?  What's your process to uncovering it? 

Off for another full day of training the new studio staff.
Hope your day is full of CRAZY LOVE!

ARG the post office!

I was so hoping that my client would have received her Lacylike No So Naked Studio Album by today b/c I was going to share it with you but we have both waited all day and no sign of it.

So instead I'll share my sponsor The Zinnia Patch's cute daughter dancing in front of the cute chair she painted and recovered (check out the cute windows too)! If you've not visited her blog yet do, she takes stunning photographs! Lots of cute going on over there.

I've just entered the realm of sponsors as part of my year of FULFILL. Ushering in abundance is on my list of things to do this year (umm yeah like it's just a check box that one day I will get to mark off---but still it is worthy of being written down and I am worthy of receiving, so abundance it is). Anyway after morning buns and good conversation about it at Tartine with Mati and Leigh in SF I decided to take the plunge into sponsorship as part of the mission. It's something I wasn't sure of right away and gave a lot of thought about and what I came up with is this: My intention for this space is to spread love, support, inspiration, goodness, and of course to have a little outlet in the world. I want this place to be about all things good and supporting each other be it in words, well wishes or monetarily ...it's all definitely good. I expect it will grow organically over time. If you'd like any info or are interested in sponsoring email me anytime.

See you in the morning For The Love of Lists!