This is the year of nourish and with it some radical change is coming.  Radical meaning dramatic and radical in the 80's sense meaning totally awesome. 

I'm embarking on a journey.
I'm packing light (which is new). 
I'm planning to sleep on the floor for a month or two (also new).
I'm buying a one way ticket (new again).
I'm going alone (you get it by now, all this is new, new, new).

I'm headed out on an adventure to Hawaii!  To do some good work. To create space.  To go with the flow of my life.  To spend time with my kind of nature- sand and sea, mountains to climb and paths to walk down barefoot.  To warm up!  Oh how I am cold to my bones and I know it's not even really truly cold here.  No, I'm not having a crisis (though I can see how you'd think so).  I am clearer then I've ever been.  I could see myself walking on that plane with my bag before I ever had the words to say out loud. 

The universe has been sending me all kinds of little thumbs up lately.  I love it when these kinds of things reveal themselves!  It always makes me think of Fools Rush In and how the 'signs are everywhere' (hot dog stand anyone?  No, just me with the B movie/ romantic comedies?)!

What I know is that life is now.  You get to make a choice how you live it each and every day.  I'm listening to the whisper inside.  I'm brave.  I'm open.  I'm inspired.  I'm equipped. 

My work goes where I go so why not--- I can take coaching calls from the beach and actually I plan to!  As my own walking, talking billboard I've created an authentic life.  I'm always saying how badly I want to live at the beach and so now instead of just saying it, I'm doing it.  I'll be living RIGHT across the street from the beach!  It makes me giddy actually.  The power to create the life you you want live is at your fingertips, in your heart and in every word you speak.   

I'll be spending some time in the Hawaiian country.  Time to experience culture and community.  Time to live more simply.  Time to fill the well and gather up inspiration for what comes next for Campaign for Confidence and for health coaching and beyond! 

Cliff is on board 100 percent.  He's looking forward to the time too.  Time for him to work on writing his book.  Time for us to remember who we are as the people on the other side of the '&.'  Yes we're married but we don't breathe from the same lung.  Admittedly, I forget that from time-to-time.  This will be an excellent reminder of who we are, who we want to be, what we see for the future and how it all fits together.  Like a marriage cleanse with wonderfully long email love letters on what we're experiencing. 

My big ole jet plane takes off January 28th. 
I'll be posting updates on my adventure each week!  I am excited to document the journey here and share it with you.