My teachers.

ned in the sun

Life is full of teachers in many different forms. My fur face, Ned has been my teacher for nearly 13 years now. It's hard to believe we've been together that long. He's now officially my longest relationship with a man outside of my father. I love the way he turns toward to sun and closes his eyes, the way he really soaks it all in. To watch him exploring outside is wondrous. He's so stimulated, so present. Lately he's reminding me to take it slow, to stretch longer and yawn bigger. Animals + children, they just carry the magic don't they! My big teacher of the moment is this raw food experiment. So much is shifting for me. I'm in awe of just how much can change in such a short period of time when you get out of your own way and allow healing in. Today is day 15. FIFTEEN days of eating fully raw! This week I added a julienne peeler to my kitchen and you'd think I won the lottery. Best 3 bucks I've spent lately, thank you Home Goods! Those little veggie strips are making me so happy! It's amazing how just varying the way you chop something up can change the taste and texture. Try it at home with a carrot. Shred up some carrot and taste it versus a carrot stick. You'll notice the shreds are sweeter tasting! Cool, right!?

Video update:

Looking forward to making some more raw food creations, hanging out with Cliff and soaking up the sunshine this weekend! Hope you have a beautiful weekend! XO Lacy

The Hinge... life with an aging cat.

Screen Shot 2012-06-01 at 12.05.21 PM

It was just a week or so after Cliff's dad passed away that he asked me the question... "how much longer do you think we'll have a Hinge?" At first I was taken back, then heart broken at the thought and then I was brought back to the present by Cliff's sweet face as he pet her on the couch. "For as long as she wants to stay," I replied. She's 17 now and a sweet little old lady. Once a true bad ass that would hunt ground hogs and stand up to dogs that seemed giant compared to her, she's now hard of hearing, can't see what's right in front of her and howls for no apparent reason.  When I say howl--- I mean blood curling, startling, terrifying screaming at the top of her lungs. For a cat who is named The Hinge because she didn't really have a meow when she was a baby this howl is mighty and nearly defies definition.  I've taken video on my phone and taken her to the vet time and time again and they assure me, she's just old and a little senile.  And so this is our life at the moment and it feels a little like Benjamin Button rocking this sweet old gal that is just like a baby again. Cliff is away this week at training for his new job (yay!) and it's just me and the [fur face] kiddos. Earlier this week I reached a turning point... I'd stayed up late til about 1 watching a movie on my laptop.  At 5 am The Hinge started screaming and the usual remedies of wet food, a refill on her water bowl and invitation to come to bed didn't seem to be helping or at least not long enough for me and Ned to get back to sleep.  She REALLY misses Cliff when he's gone and though I help nothing quite does it like her daddy. She watches the door, inspects his side of the bed and sometimes she gives me the evil eye for putting him somewhere she can't find him.

She and Cliff have had 17 years together so far and that time has forged a bond that can only be understood by those who have loved an animal this completely. I mean, to spend 17 years with anyone is pretty huge. So by 7 am it felt like a million years had passed and I'd been hit by a truck (umm I really LIKE my sleep, I'm an 8 hour + girl) and nothing was working. I got up scooped her up off the floor and held her again.

This time I whispered and cooed at her and rocked her sweetly from side-to-side. I told her it was ok. I told her thank you for loving Cliff, for finding him that night. For running under the wheel of the ambulance and for that sweet little squeak that she let out after he'd washed all the mud away in the trauma basin. She sounded like a squeaky door hinge and so she was from then on... The Hinge. She's heard this story a million times and I swear hearing it soothes her.  It soothes me too.  I thanked her for riding so patiently on the dashboard of the ambulance that night, lights and sirens and all.  I thanked her for saving Cliff so, so many times. For teaching him to love. For letting me be her mommy. I thanked her for that mouse she laid next to my shoes the first time Cliff and I spent the night together. It was a gesture and I totally got it. I thanked her for each and every thing that came to mind standing there rocking her in my arms. I kissed her disheveled fur time and time again and told her it was ok, she was safe, she could scream if she needed to, that I was here and I was not going to leave.

This is the part in the story where it would be so awesome if she finally curled up and went to bed but she didn't.  The next several hours were touch and go and I rotated through all the scenarios that a parent with a crying baby would go through... food? no. litter box? no. walk around a bit? no. bounce? no. soft talking? no. loud talking? no. singing? no. really don't you want this food? no. nothing worked--- just time and her getting so pooped out that finally, finally she slept. Cliff called later that morning to say hi and I answered with a whisper and "the baby Hinge is finally asleep" I didn't have to say anything else he knew exactly how the morning had gone.

What changed was that I get it now. That it's all ok. I'm no longer frustrated AT her, I'm here for her. I'm grateful that I have created a life where I can sleep in if I need to and make it work. I will be here for her for a long as she decides to stay with us and it's my pleasure to love her and do what I can to keep her in that feeling good safe place while she is still our baby Hinge.

Aaaand I am very much looking forward to Cliff coming home today!  This half of Team Young could use a nap.

To loving well and to the patience that this little Hinge is teaching me. I thanked her for that too.

Have a wonderful weekend! Lacy

Fur Face Love

One of my clients said good-bye to her cat of 15 years today and my heart can imagine what she's experiencing.  The animal innocents just add so much to life and teach us so much about love.  I am so grateful that this little guy chose me to be his mamma nearly 12 years ago.  I got to talk to him on Skype on Sunday, ok well I was talking to Cliff but Ned got to listen in and say hi and purr (are your crazy cat lady sensors going wild right now?-- ha!).  I'm pretty sure that Ned would love Hawaii.  World's biggest sand box and lots of birds and lizards to play with though I can imagine right about now he's sleeping on his wobbie and couldn't possibly be bothered. 
Here's to love and sweet souls that enrich our lives.

To make you smile.

Ned has a way of finding the exact paper you're working on and sitting right on top of it.  I figured why not see if I could wrap him (once I loaded this to you tube I found that lots of people wrap their cats, go figure).  I think the video would be way more fun in fast forward but it's still cute.  Ned is always up for anything, he's the coolest cat I know.

Happy Friday!

Around here

we divide and conquer.
Peonies are all over the grocery stores.  
My goodness they are lovely, aren't they!
It's officially summer and this day was a record breaker! 
I can't seem to get enough berries.  
They're just so perfectly tasty.
And speaking of berries we have two beauties growing in our garden. 
Counting down til Hawaii.  
F-F-Friday is almost here!

Unwelcome fur faces

This was the scene in the wee hours this morning.  

Racoons found us.  The dirty inconsiderate ones.  They came in through the cat door, ravaged the cat food and peed all over the place.  Don't they know it's gross to pee where you eat?  Don't they know it's not polite to barge in and leave a mess?

Tonight we will be on raccoon watch 2011. I'm going to charge the flip video!