2 New Blueberry Smoothies!


Coming up with new smoothie combos is still one of my favorite things. May your taste buds delight in these two. Blueberry Lemon Mint is on repeat over here lately. It's THAT good!

Tips for Preparing Blueberries

    • if conventionally grown wash briefly just before use + pat dry
    • if wild or organic you can avoid rinsing them at all (especially if you picked them yourself)
    • if frozen thaw well + drain prior to using
    • if frozen + using in smoothies pull from freezer and place into blender, no rinsing or thawing necessary

Blueberry Lemon Mint

This smoothie combo came to me in the shower and OMG it's REFRESHING! It's seriously the first time that Cliff has finished his smoothie before me. That's saying something around here!

Ingredients • 2 cups almond milk • 2 frozen bananas • 1 cup frozen blueberries • 1/2 lemon • 1/4 cup (or less) fresh mint leaves • 1 tbsp coconut butter

You could also add a handful of spinach to make it a green smoothie!

Directions Blend almond milk + mint leaves (+ spinach if you want) til smooth. Add the rest of the items and blend again. Enjoy!

Serves 2

Razzle Blue Almond


For those fruit smoothie kinda mornings. Cuppa, cuppa, cup recipe:

Ingredients • 1 cup almond milk • 1 cup frozen raspberries • 1 cup frozen blueberries • 1 tbsp almond butter • 1 tbsp chia seeds • 1 tsp vanilla • 2 dates

Directions Blend all ingredients until smooth. Enjoy!

Serves 1

Why I Use Almond Milk + Two Perfect Lunch Smoothies

Last week I got an email from a gal who noticed that I use almond milk in many of my smoothie recipes. She suspected it had more meaning then just for flavor but wasn't really sure why. It's such an excellent question I thought I'd share the WHY with you here too. I try to stay away from dairy as much as possible because it causes inflammation and a build up of mucus in the body.  Inflammation leads to disease. Short + simple.

I use a variety of non-dairy milks. Almond + coconut milk weekly. Hemp milk + rice milk every now and again. We make our own almond + hemp milk, it's so simple! How to video here. When I say coconut milk I'm talking about the full fat coconut milk that comes in a can. Always eat as close to the source as possible, so the fewer ingredients the better. Our almond milk has two ingredients, almonds and filtered water.

I was allergic to milk as a child and never developed a taste for it. I did, however, LOVE the taste of chocolate milk (um- hello sugar overload) and would drink it when I was constipated to get things going. Yeap, you read that right. I would intentionally give myself something I knew I was allergic to knowing full well that it would upset my stomach to the point of diarrhea and I'd do it ON PURPOSE. At the time I had no idea how to heal my digestion but I learned how to painfully manage it. A girl will do a lot when there's a back up in the system.

I also find it really interesting that we are the only species who grows up and consumes another species milk. Cow's milk is really meant to take a 60+ pound baby calf and turn it into a 600+ pound cow in a matter of months. I'm definitely not looking for that kind of weight gain! Don't get me wrong, I still eat the occasional cheese because it's so delicious but I try to stay mindful of how much dairy I allow into my body.

I avoid soy milk (and UNfermented soy products) because it's quite hard on the tummy and can have a profound negative effect on hormones. Soy mimics estrogen in the body and an accumulation of it can lead to certain cancers.

Here are a few more smoothies to add into your rotation! One with almond milk and one with coconut milk!

Enjoy, enjoy! Lacy

Peanut Butter + Banana Smoothie

A Grown-up take on an old classic! Perfect for lunch.

Ingredients • 1 cup almond milk • 1 handful of spinach or other greens • 1/2 avocado • 1-2 tbsp peanut butter (I usually go for a heaping tbsp) • 1 tbsp chia seeds • 1 frozen banana • 5 cubes of ice

Directions Blend all ingredients except banana and ice. Then add banana and ice and blend again until smooth. Enjoy!

Serves 1

Banana Coco Ginger Green Smoothie

Banana Coco Ginger Green

*Gluten-free *Dairy-free *Vegan

Ingredients • 1 cup coconut milk • 1 giant handful of spinach (about 2 cups) • 2 frozen bananas • 1 carrot • 3 dates • 1/2 - 1 inch piece of peeled ginger

Directions Blend spinach + coconut milk til smooth. Add dates + carrot + ginger blend til smooth. Then add bananas and blend again. (I like to put leaves in first + frozen items (banana in this case) in last to make sure the smoothie comes out nice and frosty) Enjoy!

Serves 1-2

Banana Coco Ginger Green 2


Carrot Cake Smoothie + Thoughts on Thanksgiving

carrot cake smoothie

The holidays used to be a time of year when I'd stress out, get super overwhelmed and eat everything in sight. I'd spend way too much time eating fried finger foods (oh Trader Joe's--- how I loved your mini pastry puffs filled with bree and raspberry jam)! I'd taste every.single.dessert. that I was offered. I'd eat to the point of feeling sick and then eat a little bit (or a lot) more. I used to gain weight + lose my sanity. There were tears, it was ugly. Something profound happened this Thanksgiving. We had our first completely vegan Thanksgiving meal as a family! Kayla and I have been eating plant strong for years and to have the family fully embrace and join in on a completely vegan holiday... well it makes me feel so grateful! Feels pretty huge actually!

The cool thing was that it was the holidays as usual... We were all in the kitchen together. We had the oven going, we tripped over each other getting from the fridge to the stove. We laughed a LOT, we drank and we enjoyed each other. We sat and ate together sharing what we were thankful for and after the meal not a single person had a stomach ache or needed a nap! There was no struggle about leftovers. We didn't graze all day long over the cookie table. There was no cookie table!

It honestly felt like every other day but in the best possible way! There was no dread or worry about what I would be able to eat that would feel good in my body. There was no regret or self-loathing after the meal. Our vegan feast had fried rice with ginger sauce. A huge salad with ginger dressing. Veggie loaded spring rolls with noodles + peanut sauce. And for dessert we had the MOST UNBELIEVABLE vegan chocolate cake with dark chocolate ganache (will happily share that recipe with you soon)! We created a meal together, we shared a meal together! There wasn't a casserole to be found and it was still Thanksgiving.

purple divider


I've put together a free downloadable PDF of my 12 favorite tips to help you Thrive Through the Holidays. Little reminders to keep you moving towards health + happiness this holiday season! From this girl who's been there and lived to tell about it!

It's practical. It's loving. It's completely supportive. You can get yours right here.

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I am so excited to share this new smoothie recipe with you! In all honesty it was born out of hanging on the fridge door trying to decide what to make for breakfast. We were out of greens but had plenty of carrots so...

lacy young carrot cake smoothie ingrediants

Carrot Cake Smoothie

*Gluten-free *Dairy-free *Vegan

serves 2

Ingredients 10oz almond milk (Homemade How-to video here.) 1 1/2 bananas (frozen makes the smoothie creamy and frothy) 4 small carrots 3 dates (pitted and soaked) 1/4 cup rolled oats 1 tsp vanilla extract* 1 slice ginger 1/2 tsp cinnamon pinch of nutmeg

*If you're in the Sweet Surrender Sugar Detox make sure there's not sugar in your extract!


Blend everything except the banana til smooth. Then add banana to make it nice and frothy! Pour in two glasses, sprinkle with a few extra oats + cinnamon and serve.

Hope you love this one! It's really yummy and will keep you full till lunch!

xo, Lacy

Green Smoothie Compilation!


Hello beauties! I'm so excited to talk GREEN SMOOTHIES! It is one of my favorite (near) daily health routines. So what's your feeling? Are you fully in love and swear by your morning smoothie? Or still not sure why anyone would want to drink greens? I'm hoping after today's post you'll be feeling extra brave + willing to try green smoothies for the first time or mix up your current smoothie routine with some new recipes!

beautiful basics

The WHY:

Dark leafy greens are the #1 missing food in most modern diets. That's absolutely true for our Standard American Diet. Green smoothies are a REALLY easy + delicious way to get tons of nutrition-packed greens into your belly. Leafy greens are loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids that are essential in keeping all of our bodily processes functioning smoothly. I call greens the ultimate reset button!

I'm a HUGE believer in adding healthy foods and practices into your life, in living gently and going with what feels really nourishing + supportive. I don't believe in deprivation, in dieting, in restricting calories-- it's not loving and the results are not usually lasting. There can be a lot of shame + guilt wrapped up in our relationship with food. Adding in is a way to break those old habits and beliefs that we have to suffer to see results. I tried that route for a LONG time and it just made me feel guilty + super grumpy.

We all have toxic accumulations in our systems. They come from our food, skincare products and the environment (pesticides, chemicals, etc.). Accumulated toxins block our bodily channels and decrease the functioning of all of our systems, leading to varying symptoms and dis-ease. Greens help to clean the system and keep your insides in tip, top shape!

green smoothie
Isn't this beautiful! You'd never know there were greens in there! Recipe here.

You’ll need:

A dose of can do.

A blender. While a Vitamix is AMAZING, most blenders will get the job done. You may feel a bit like you’re chewing your smoothie if you don’t have a high power blender. A good way to troubleshoot is to blend the liquid (almond milk or coconut water) with your greens first and then add the rest of the ingredients. Some of the smaller bullets are really efficient!


Q: I’ve never used a Vitamix before is there anything special I need to know? A: It’s pretty straight forward. The most important things to know are (these apply to all blenders): - Never remove the blender from the base while it’s on (you’ll break this teensy tiny part that will require fixing and it takes forever, speaking from experience here). - Never put a spoon, spatula or anything else down in there while it’s on. DISASTER! Blended wood. Not cool. - Follow a basic formula when making smoothies: liquid + greens first. Blend til liquid and then add everything else (frozen fruit, dates, super foods, etc).

Q: Do I have to buy all organic produce? A: Organics have been shown to have more vitamins and minerals than conventional produce. Go organic when you can! If you have a hard time finding organic cucumber just peel the skins off before blending them. That will help to reduce your exposure to toxins, same for apples + pears. All that said -eating conventional fruits + veggies is better than not eating them at all!

Q: Peel or no peel on citrus? A: For lemon you can blend it skins and all! Always peel oranges and grapefruits.

Q: What's up with maca + chia? A: Maca + chia are considered Superfoods! I use them A LOT in my smoothies and they're always optional in my recipes.

Maca powder comes from a root-like veggie, is shaped like and distant relative of the radish. With 5x more protein than a potato + 4x more fiber it naturally balances hormones, is high in potassium, calcium, boosts energy + libido, helps fight depression. Maca is excellent for combating the symptoms of menopause! You will want to ease into it. Taking too much too quickly will give you a wired feeling. Start small with a tsp per day in a smoothie and build up to 1-2 tablespoons per day. Taste is sort of malty sweet. You won't notice it mixed into smoothies. You will notice it if you're making desserts, baking with it or adding it to tea/ coffee.

Chia seeds have the highest amount of omega-3 oil content (the good fat) just above flax. Chia has 8x more omega-3 fatty acids than salmon! They have 7x more vitamin C than oranges, 5x more calcium than milk, 3x more iron than spinach + 2x more potassium than bananas. You can see why they call them a SUPERfood! They are unprocessed and easily absorbed into the body (meaning you don't have to grind them up like flaxseeds). They taste really mild, sort of nutty. Favorite Combos:

Spinach, Cucumber, Romaine, Banana, Avo, Dates (to sweeten naturally), Almond Milk + superfoods! This is the Blended Reset Button. Full recipe here.
fruit smoothie
Green Refresher
1 apple, sliced, with core + seeds removed
1/2 orange, peeled
2 cups kale, remove center stalk
1 banana, frozen with peel removed
1 cup strawberries, frozen
8 oz almond milk
1 tbsp chia seeds (optional)
2 tsp maca powder (optional)
Blend kale + almond milk til smooth. Add apples, oranges + blend again. Add maca, chia + frozen fruit. Tip: always add frozen fruit last to make the smoothie thick + creamy! 
Coconut, Basil + Avocado Smoothie! Coconut milk, Avocado, Dates, Basil, Chia, Maca, Coconut water + Ice. Full recipe here.

Super simple cantaloup smoothie! 2 large handfuls spinach blended with 10 oz almond milk. Then add half cantaloupe (remove rind), 2 tbsp chia seeds and 2 tsp Maca powder with a cup of ice. So refreshing!

the ron burgundy

Almond milk, Spinach, Frozen Berries, Coconut Butter, Almond Butter, Green Powder, Maca Powder, Cacao Nibs + Dates! I call it The Ron Burgundy? (ha!) Full recipe over here.

green smoothie
I'm drinking lunch! This one is a bit like drinking a salad but it's strangely satisfying! Almond milk, romaine, celery, apple, pear, banana, spinach, lime juice, coconut cream, maca, camu, hemp seeds.

So what do you think? Feeling inspired to go green? I hope so! Here if you have any questions + would love to hear your favorite green smoothie combos!

Celebrating you + the power of green smoothies! Lacy

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Chocolate Shake for Dinner


You know how some days you just really, really, really want to eat something indulgent for dinner, watch Nashville on the DVR and let the day roll off of you? You feel me, right? This is my kind of indulgence! A healthy take on a chocolate shake! It's creamy, guilt-free and delicious--- like a chocolate hug!

almond milk lacy youngHomemade almond milk - 1 cup of almonds to 4 cups of water. Blend, strain, done. How to video here.

chocolate shake lacy young

Chocolate Shake

*Gluten-free *Dairy-free *Vegan

Ingredients 1 cup almond milk 4 dates 1 small avocado 4 tbsp cacao powder 2 tbsp almond butter 1 banana, frozen 1/2 cup ice

Directions Blend adding frozen banana and ice last.  Enjoy!

chocolate shake lacy young

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Gratitudes + 2 new smoothie recipes!


Some of my fave images from this week... Chloe +  mom waving at me at the Tough Mudder. Cliff getting all psyched up for the 12 mile obstacle course ahead (also at the Tough Mudder). Me + American Beauty Berries found on a nature walk. + of course Ned! Cut the neck out of some old t's and we had the best time playing last night before bed. Sitting in my office with Ned on my lap feeling super grateful for...

- The love of strangers turned friends over 10 days of shared experience in the Sweet Surrender sugar detox. The next one will be Dec 1. It's not to be missed. - A partner who makes me laugh. - pearly whites, nourishment, hydration, warm bones + couch time - Allowing the best compliment about my beautiful perspective on life to wash over me from my first health coach + longtime friend! And then noticing so many comments on my perspective... feels like permission to stay weird (in the best possible way)! - Hashtags. Seriously! My friend, Kelly Rae sent me the most awesome text yesterday that was pretty much all hashtags.  BEST LAUGHTER of the week so far! - My amazing friend (and Campaign Manager for Campaign For Confidence) Anne who holds space for me everyday. She's leading a cleanse next month. - An entire week without wearing a bra... embracing my inner hippy. - Smoothies! The easiest and most supportive way to start my day. So happy to share two new recipes with you! The first one Cliff created and delivered to me in my office with his handwritten recipe. #husbandoftheyear


Berry Refreshing

*Gluten-free *Dairy-free *Vegan

Ingredients 2 cups almond milk 1 frozen banana 1 1/2 cups frozen strawberries 1/2 cup frozen blueberries 2 tbsp cacao nibs 2 tbsp chia 1/2 tsp maca (optional) 1/4 tsp vanilla extract

Directions Blend everything until smooth + serve!

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Coco Peach Greenie

*Gluten-free *Dairy-free *Vegan

Ingredients A blender full of spinach (loosely placed, not packed) Water from 1 coconut 7 frozen peach slices 1 frozen banana 1 Tbsp coconut butter (invest in a jar, it's amazing stuff) 1 Tbsp chia seeds 2 tsp vanilla extract Coconut shavings (for garnish)


Blend spinach + water from 1 coconut until smooth. Then, add the rest of the ingredients and blend until smooth again, pour into 2 glasses, top with coconut shavings and BOOM! It's a party for your taste buds and an antioxidant feast for your belly!

xo, Lacy

color bar Here's a look at what's coming up next:


  • Veg Pledge is the next food challenge! Join me for five days filled with whole food goodness beginning Monday, November 4th - Friday, November 8th!  I'm crazy excited about it! Loads of recipes, a shopping list + the support of a loving community just like this one! Expand your current menu + give your body some veggie lovin! $27 Read more here. Register here.
  • Group Coaching! Join the next group coaching session to Thrive Through the Holidays beginning Nov. 11th + going into the new year. More info here. Register here. As a bonus, you'll receive 1 free spot in the next session of Sweet Surrender to gift to anyone you'd like! It's all about spreading the love!

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  • Sweet Surrender 10-day Sugar Detox will run again Dec 1 - 10th! The next group will get loads of support + balance in place in perfect timing before the Christmas/ New Year holidays! Info + registration here.

One cold front + I'm getting all inspired!

lacy young pumpkin spice smoothie

We got our first cold front which means temps down to high's in the 80's and I'm taking full advantage! Meet my version of the Pumpkin Spice Smoothie! You're going to love it! Not too sweet, with the perfect amount of nutty spice.

Pumpkin Spice

*Gluten-free *Dairy-free *Vegan

serves 2

Ingredients 1 1/2 cup almond milk 3/4 cup pumpkin puree 1 frozen banana 1 cup ice 2 dates 2 tbsp walnuts 2 tbsp chia seeds 1/4 tsp pumpkin spice or 1/8 tsp nutmeg + 1/8 tsp cinnamon


Blend all ingredients except ice until smooth. Then, add ice and blend again until smooth. Pour into 2 glasses, top with crushed walnuts and dust with nutmeg. Enjoy!

xo, Lacy

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There's all kinds of exciting stuff on the horizon!

I will be at Every Body Pilates in Belmont, Ma on October 20 + Dec 8! I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS ONE! We're offering a 6-week workshop covering everything from the best foods for your body to eating on the go, green juices and smoothies, eating for glowing skin, weight loss, eliminating cravings, identifying sensitivities and more. Details here.

LacyYoung_everybody pilates___

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Green Smoothie: Kale, Kiwi, Berry + a reminder to LIVE


Almost 10 years ago I was working at the apartment community where we lived in Austin. A little guy and his mom would frequent the office to pick up packages or just stop in on their walk for water and snacks. He was super chatty! He must have been around 5 or so? One day I asked him what his dad did for a living. He replied "My dad doesn't have a living. He just works all the time." Last week in the midst of technical issues (my track pad stopped working and I realized just how much time I spent with my MacBook, might as well be my third arm) that squeaky little voice popped into my head and I was once again reminded to LIVE!

I slowed down and made my free time really count. I listened to Einaudi and Beethoven. I talked with the neighbors. I made art. I talked with Cliff. I meditated. I showered twice a day some days just because it felt good to do it. I said hello to people on my run. I made eye contact with strangers. I played with Ned. I rubbed almond oil over my entire body. I made green juice. I ate simply. I delighted in the sound of the sprinkler hitting the tree leaves. We cleaned out the garage and it makes me so happy. I drank beer. I laughed. I cried. I allowed really old hurts to heal and disappear. We got to Face Time with my little brother who is in Columbia. Pure sweetness! So many moments that truly moved me. So many moments of pure presence and sensation... just LIVING.

I feel like things are always happening in our favor, that right action is always taking place in our lives. I believe that life is happening for you not to you. Of course there are moments that suck. Those moments are for you too. There are strings of days where you want to scream or cry or both. For me, this last week was an opportunity to slow down and absorb all that surrounds me. I didn't force myself to feel better or to feel anything at all. I just sat with it. And sitting with it was all that I needed.

Where ever you are today I hope you'll take the opportunity to slow down + just sit with it. Wishing you love, wishing you peace, wishing you whole health!

xo, Lacy

p.s. Here's a sweet new smoothie recipe to send some loving goodness into your beautiful body!

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Kale, Kiwi + Berry Smoothie

*Gluten-free *Dairy-free *Vegan

Serves: 2

Ingredients 12 oz Almond Milk (you could also use Orange Juice) 2 cups kale (remove center stalk) 2 kiwi (remove skins) 2 cups frozen fruit (I used 1 cup strawberries, 1 cup blue/blackberries) 1/2 lemon, squeezed 1/2 frozen banana


Blend almond milk (or OJ) + kale til smoothie. Add rest of ingredients and blend again! Enjoy!