Life After Peru

Next week will be two months since we got home from the jungles of Peru. I have been asked many times since then if the influence of the ayahuasca experience has been lasting thus far. 🌱
The short answer is a deep and resonant YES! 🌱
Everyone I've talked to has a different experience of Aya and her ways. Through 8 ceremonies mine was one of mostly darkness. I spent those weeks in Peru being brought to my knees. My ego shattered, I was begging for light and she gave me more darkness. 🌱
Now I can see the richness in her lessons. I was always the light. I AM THE LIGHT and so are you. I knew that logically before but I feel it with my whole being now.
Mostly it's been an up-leveling across the board of perception, awareness and my abilities. 🌱
I can drop into meditations like never before. It's easy to receive information, get my questions answered and feel nourished by my practice. I'm still a daily meditator but it's not so severe now - like I don't make it a part of my to do list. There's a softness around my practice. As a result I feel more connected to my highest self, my intuition and led by my knowings. I had all that before but it feels supercharged now. 🌱
My life is full of everyday magic, miracles and synchronicity that I notice and really enjoy. Before Peru I was opening up to a practice of noticing (because it's always there for all of us - we just have to tune in). Aya fast tracked my awareness of how simple it can be. I used to say, "things just work out for me" as a hopeful mantra, something I was trying to create and now they really just do. I'm incredibly grateful to experience "things just work out for me" as truth.

Ps. Picked up my first fired pieces of pottery today! Check out my wee little cup. πŸ‘πŸΌ

You Are The Purpose

Hey, you're going to want to read this! This is my dinner (because I'm currently on sugar detox and hummus obsessed) BUT the post is way more interesting so read on dear friends! 
I've never met anyone (yet) who doesn't want to know their purpose in life. I used to think that I would find my purpose by following my passion. I thought that was the fool proof way to having all my dreams coming true. I was convinced it was going to make me ridiculously happy, ultra wealthy and have a rocking body because passionate people want to work out like all the time, right?

I was mislead.

If I've ever told you to "follow your passion" consider this my public apology. It's among my least favorite pieces of advice of all time. It makes people who don't know what their passion is feel like shit. It's confusing and can lead to a lot of unnecessary struggle. 
I know because I have been there and I've been watching my partner look for his passion for a decade now. Guys it's not a singular thing and it's no golden ticket. 
This weekend I heard Regina Meredith say in the sweetest and most unassuming way, "You are the purpose." and I nearly burst from my seat on her couch into a standing ovation. So consider this your permission slip to stop looking for your purpose and just keep doing what feels good and living your life because what if she's right? What if you alone are the purpose! 
Can I get an amen!? ps. roasted garlic and sun dried tomato hummus recipe from Oh She Glows

Pps. Following the feel good is a whole other thing that I totally DO recommend that you do! 

Tell Your Story

Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 11.11.10 AM.png

Hi! I'm Lacy and I can move mountains! Last night I sat in a living room surrounded by kindred spirits and embraced my power. With tears streaming down my face I proclaimed it, I felt it and I owned it.

My story the last 13 years has been one of a healing journey. Misdiagnosis. Surgeries. Confusion. Medications. Disempowerment. Weight gain. Seeking. Traveling. Allowing. Real food. Alternative healing. Weight release. Plant medicine. Empowerment. Connection. Spirit. All the woo. 
Last night I experienced a huge shift and a beautiful what next on the heels of the work I did in Peru last month. I am entering the next chapter and it's going to be an epic one. 
Truth is, you can move mountains too! Surround yourself with people who support your belief. Tell your story and keep following your knowings! You are so powerful and together we are mighty!

If you want more of the backstory these will take you there
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Real Results

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Running a successful soul-based business has a lot of boxes that need to be checked off daily. Sometimes I wonder what it's all for and why I keep going? When those moments show themselves I go back into the archives of images that have been made at retreats and I read testimonials. I look at the faces of each person who's attended one of my retreats so far and I am reminded why. This isn't a job, it's a privilege. 
This is a testimonial from a women who attended the most recent Shift retreat and it brought me back to center today. "Shift gave me so many things I didn't even know I needed. 
I've done many years of therapy and a spiritual psychology graduate program, and I have a library of self-help books (okay, I haven't read ALL of them), so I consider myself to be fairly experienced in the art of working on my own stuff. And I have to say, my Shift weekend was one of the most valuable, transformative, supportive experiences I've ever had. Lacy and Kayla created a truly magical space in which I felt so deeply cared for, safe, loved, and open. Every single detail is so carefully thought out and executed, and although Shift isn't "pampering" in the sense of going to a spa, I felt absolutely pampered by the attentive, personal experience Lacy crafted. I came to Shift depleted, exhausted, and addicted to my phone. I left feeling calm, peaceful, rested, centered, and totally secure in the knowledge that I am exactly where I'm supposed to be. I took a before and after picture, and the difference after three days is unbelievable. Lacy is a big proponent of the idea that big changes don't have to take a long time or require suffering to achieve, and what I experienced and saw in others at Shift is proof that she's right. (She usually is.) I really can't recommend Shift highly enough, and I'm so looking forward to attending my next retreat." - EM, Los Angeles, CA